Hades Fishing Guide

In this Hades Fishing Guide we will give you a step by step brief on how you can prepare to Catch Fish in the Underworld, and all the rewards you can get from capturing Specific Fish in Hades.

Hades Fishing

Fishing is the most commonly explored side game of Hades, and if you have been playing this roguelike for a while, then you must have heard about fishing.

Now if you are wondering what it is, then do not look anywhere further. We have this comprehensive guide on how you to Fish in the underworld.

Pre-Fishing Preparation
So fishing is a mini-game in the Hades, and you will be able to see many fishing spots in the Underworld.

But for that, you will have to buy a fishing rod from House Contractor, which you can easily get for one diamond.

What fishing does is give you different artifacts.

To get a fishing spot, you need to first make sure that the room or chamber you are in has access to a source of water.

Then these chambers have different chance ratios of spawning a fishing spot that are given below:

Biome Chance Number of chambers since last fishing spot
Tartarus 25% 10
Asphodel 10% 10
Elysium 10% 10
Hub of Styx 80% 1
Chaos 10% 10

So whenever you enter the chamber or you get the room reward you will hear a notification sound that will tell you about the spawning of a fishing spot in the chamber.

Getting Started with Fishing

The first thing for you is to make sure that any chamber with a fishing spot is totally clear of enemies because if there are enemies in the chamber, you won’t be able to start fishing.

Now to start fishing, get close to the spot, and just interact.

The fishing process will start, and you have to do nothing but wait until you get some indication of the Fish being hooked.

Which will be a light on the rod, and the buoy will be submerged in water completely.

Once the Fish is hooked you have to catch, and the time you take to catch the Fish will indicate its rarity.

If you catch the Fish in less than 0.34 seconds it will be counted as the perfect catch, this will give you a 5% chance of catching a legendary Fish.

If it is between 0.34 and 1 second, then you will have a 5% chance of getting rare Fish. And if you get even exceed 1 second, then you won’t be able to catch any fish.

The fishes you catch at the fishing spot can be turned in when you get to the House of Hades to get rewards in return.

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to turn all your Fish in before you go for a new run as all the previous ones will be gone.

Here are all the Fish and rewards you get from selling them:

Specimen Biome Rank Value
  Hellfish Tartarus Common 5 Gemstones
  Knucklehead Rare 20 Gemstones
  Scyllascion Legendary 30 Gemstones
  Slavug Asphodel Common 1 Chthonic Key
  Chrustacean Rare 3 Chthonic Key
  Flameater Legendary 5 Chthonic Key
    Chlam Elysium Common 1 Nectar
  Charp Rare 2 Nectar
  Seamare Legendary 3 Nectar
    Gupp Temple of Styx Common 20 Gemstones
  Scuffer Rare 40 Gemstones
  Stonewhal Legendary 150 Gemstones
    Mati Chaos Common 100 Darkness
  Projelly Rare 250 Darkness
  Voidskate Legendary 500 Darkness