Hades Charon Boss Guide

In this Hades Charon Boss guide, we have curated everything that you need to know about Charon, the Stygian Boatman Boss in Hades, including his Affinity, Favor, Wares, and the Boss Fight.

Hades Charon Boss

Charon isn’t essentially a boss; he is an in-game vendor that offers assorted exciting items for you to buy.

However, after the Blood Price Update, Charon can be triggered into a boss fight.

Our guide below details all there is to know about that and much more. So, let’s begin!

Charon’s Affinity allows you to increase the duration of the items sold at Charon Wells through the Bone Hourglass, which you get once you give nectar to Charon.

You’ll have to spend 10,000 Obols in Charon’s Shop in order to get his favor.

There are different Charon’s offerings in his shops in Tartarus, Asphodel, Elysium, and in Temple of Styx.

Offerings in Tartarus, Asphodel, or Elysium

Items Cost (obols) Description
Darkness (25x) 25 After purchase, the amount gained is increased by Dark Thirst. It does not work with Pitch Black Darkness. Shares the pool with Chthonic Keys, Gemstones, and Nectar.
Chthonic Key (1x) 50 It does not work with Fated Keys. Shares the pool with Darkness, Gemstones, and Nectar.
Food (+50 HP) 50 N/A
Pom Slice 50 Causes a +1 level boost to any random boon.
Gemstones (20x) 75 After it is bought, its amount increases by Dark Thirst. It does not work with Brilliant Gemstones. Shares the pool with Darkness, Chthonic Keys and Nectar.
Pom of Power 100 N/A
Centaur Heart 125 N/A
Random God Boon 125 Any Non-Chaos
God Boon 150 Any Non-Chaos
Nectar (1x) 200 It does not work with Premium Vintage. Shares the pool with Darkness, Chthonic Keys and Gemstones.
Daedalus Hammer 200 N/A

Offerings in Temple of Styx

Offers Description
Offer # 1 Either 1 Diamond for 1000 obols or 1 Titan Blood for 1200 obols.
Offer # 2 Either Hermes’ Boon with Boosted rarity for 500 obols or Anvil of Fates for 275 obols.
Offer # 3 (2x) Centaur Heart for 125 obols (1/4 chance). Pom of Power for 100 obols (1/4 chance) Non-Hermes, Non-Chaos Boon for 150 obols (1/2 chance).
Offer # 4 (2x) A Non-Hermes, Non-Chaos Boon with Boosted rarity for 450 obols (1/3) chance. A super Pom of Power for 300 obols (2/3 chance).

To prompt a fight with Charon, you need to interact with the sack of Charon’s Obol behind him.

This will make him send you into a room in Erebus which is filled with treasures and four golden jar-looking pillars and the fight will kick-off.

Before we go ahead and discuss what kind of playstyle that you need to adopt in order to come out top of this battle, let’s first take a look at some of the boatman’s most common and deadly attacks.

  • Ghost Charge – Charon hovers literally everywhere in the room, sending high damaging waves towards you.
    The pattern of his movement changes throughout the battle, depending on his HP.
  • Floor Wave – This wave is a gigantic one. It bounces once around the room before it is directed towards you, making it even more threatening.
    As the battle continues, Charon can send up to three such waves!
  • Oar Swipe – Charon dashes towards you and swipes his oar. On being hit, you are likely to suffer hefty damage.
  • Stun Wave – This wave is being generated by Charon when you are too near to him.
    It knocks you back and stuns you for a little while.

Fighting Strategy
Throughout the course of the battle, your playstyle should revolve around dodging and attacking.

As Charon likes to hover around, you need to keep on moving as well in order to maintain a safe distance from him and take cover from his attacks.

While doing so, take an offensive approach to gain and keep an advantage; Ares’ Blade Dash and Spinning Shot are your best bet to make Charon bleed!

At the onset of the battle, you’ll have those four golden pillars to take cover from Charon.

However, as you’ll notice, as the battle progresses and Charon’s health deteriorates, these pillars continue to fall until none is left.

At that point, don’t hesitate on being completely exposed as Charon will be only a few hits away from being taken down.

Just focus on what you need to be doing – dodging and attacking.

At 20% of his HP, Charon will call off the battle. You’ll get a Loyalty Card from him as a reward.

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