Hades Best Builds Guide

To help you out with creating the best builds to power through Hades, we’ve prepared this guide with a list of all the best builds you can create for Zagreus in the game.

Hades Best Builds

If you don’t know what builds to run in Hades, farming enough blood to unlock the Infernal Arms; getting all the upgrades and eventually winning your first game can be an incredibly difficult task.

Lightning Damage Build

For this build, you’ll need to acquire the following Boons:

  • Static Discharge
  • Zeus’ Aid
  • Double Strike
  • Sea Storm (Duo)
  • Cold Fusion (Duo)
  • Splitting Bolt (Legendary)

The reason this build works so well for beginners is that you don’t actually need to aim the lightning bolts at the enemies yourself.

The lightning you’ll call upon your targets will usually ignore their armor, so they’ll deal a lot of damage. The only downside to this build is that you need to bear the targets for the lightning to actually hit them.

This means that you’ll have to play very carefully, and with a lot of patience. If you keep rushing into your opponents to hit them, your HP will get drained really quick from the enemies’ DPS.

Spreadfire Rail

For this build, you’ll need the following Boons:

  • Spreadfire
  • Artemis Attack
  • Piercing Fire

The Spreadfire Boon will work perfectly with your Rail, reducing its range but increasing its damage by a very significant amount.

This build deals so much damage that you can practically take out most unarmored enemies by just performing the dash attack. And if you happen to land a crit, you can even take out armored enemies.

Fast-Attacking Build

For this build, you’ll need the following Boons:

  • Support Fire
  • Lightning Strike
  • Drunken Strike

This build is made to boost the damage output of your fast-attacking weapons. It makes them significantly more powerful.

If you use the Rail or the Spear, you can attack the enemies from quite far away, so it makes this build a very safe one to use.

Ares Doom

This Ares build needs one specific Boon called ‘Curse of Pain’. This Boon will work perfectly with your shield, bow or spear special; especially if you have multi-skewer on the spear.

This build helps you deal a ton of damage using your long-range abilities. The most notable ability that it works well with is the Shield Charge.

When you use this ability, you’ll pass straight through your enemies; and the enemy will attack where you were before you charged, instead of where you ended up after charging.

So, with this build, you can always keep your distance from the enemies and periodically tag them with Doom to continuously deal damage.