Hades Beginner’s Tips

With these Hades Beginners tips, we will give you some useful tips and tricks that will surely prove useful for a beginner in killing the hordes of monsters the underworld can throw at you and lead you to the final battle with Hades.

Hades Beginner’s Tips

In this guide, we will discuss tips and tricks for your runs with Hades. These tips will make your runs more effective and make you much better overall at the game.

At the end of this guide, you will know which resources, buffs, and rewards are better for you than the rest.

Before we get into the tips and tricks, here are some really common tips you should know before getting started:

Don’t be afraid to die as you can just respawn at the House of Hades where you can exchange your resources to unlock upgrades and prepare yourself to get right back into the fight.

You will lose items when you die but there is no need to worry about them as you will still keep the important stuff e.g. all the weapons and weapon mods, purchased decorations and features for the House of Hades, and all of the resources.


There are a total of 36 rooms; 14 of Tartarus, 10 of Asphodel and 11 of Elysium, and then a Temple of Styx that has a variable number of rooms.

Clear each room carefully, don’t leave any reward behind.

Every playthrough will be different, so just don’t expect to get the same hurdles you did the first time.

Try to be as mobile as possible to avoid enemy attacks. Get familiar with the healing items so that you can save yourself even after being hit.

Using a controller will serve you well as it will be much easier using a controller to play this game.

Here are some quick beginner tip and tricks to improve your runs in Hades.

Dodging through environment
This is the easiest but also very effective. If you are starting out, this might not be clear but you can dodge through the environment.

It means you can dodge through walls and gaps giving you the ability to be more mobile. This allows you to close in the distance with enemies or get away from them.

This is especially helpful in dungeons.

With this ability, you can use your ranged weapons more affectively because you get a nice breathing room to carefully plan your attacks.

Focus on upgrading your movement skills at the start of the game.

Mirror of Night upgrades
The Mirror of Night is a gift given by Nyx to you to improve your abilities by spending dark crystals. The abilities are locked at first which can be unlocked by using keys.

These abilities grant you health boosts and increased damage that come very handy in boss fights.

Once the Mirror is fully upgraded, you can use the spent dark crystals on another ability. This allows you to make combos.

Pick up Fate of Minor Prophesies
When you are back the house of Hades instead of being at the dungeons, you will have the choice to renovating the realm.

Quickly pick up the Fated List of Minor Prophecies which is your guide for your objectives and complete these objectives.

These objectives yield a lot of resources that you can use to upgrade your character’s abilities.

Exchange Nectar with all characters to get keepsakes
Keeping a strong relationship with other characters is crucial in this game. You can build a relationship with other characters by giving them the Nectars that you found in the Underworld.

In return, the characters will gift you a Keepsake that will improve your abilities in some way. The only two characters that won’t give you anything in return will be Hades and Bouldy.

Skull ranks on rooms give better rewards
A skull icon next to the rewards means that the enemies will be more challenging but it also means that you will get better rewards.

As always greater risk means greater reward. It will build your strength much faster and give you more experience.

Also, different symbols on top of the entrance of the chamber will give you different rewards.

For example, a green arrow on top of the room entrance will give you Artemis if you clear the room.

Focus on getting boons, upgrades, and poms over resources
You should focus on going to rooms that have Boons of Gods and hammers and POMs of power that will further level up your Boons.

Focusing on these upgrades will benefit your current run.

Check completed Rooms for other activities
Before you leave the room, check for more activities as there can be a Well of Charon there which can be very helpful for your run.

The best one to get is a Chaos Gate or an inferno trove which can get you a chest in the next room and they are both very beneficial.

Visit unique characters in the dungeons
You can find hidden characters in the dungeon that will get you unique buffs. These buffs can be very useful to build up your strength.

If you see a room reward that looks like a quest marker, go for it as it would be the best buff for your run.

Use traps and destructible environment
This game is all about survival. You should make use of every opportunity available to take out your enemies.

There are many traps installed inside the rooms that you can use on your foes and destroy any weak walls or pillars to make them fall on the enemies.

If you feel like the game is too challenging for you and you just want to progress further, I would recommend you to change the game difficulty to “God Mode” using game settings.

Play with different weapons
You should play with different weapons so that you get different rewards for each of them.

In the end, as you play this game, you will keep getting better and eventually be a champ at this game.

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