Thronebreaker Gwent Game Not Selling Well, Possibly Because Of GOG Release

CD Projekt RED might have messed up when it came to releasing Thronebreaker, a standalone expansion to their online card game that gave it an actual story mode. The game released on Good Old Games’s website on October 23, the same day the game fully released, but that might also be the reason it’s not selling well.

While GOG does offer a large number of DRM games both old, very old, and new, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good website to set your hopes on. The site is still very small compared to Steam, and not nearly as visible, and it’s likely because of this that Thronebreaker’s sales haven’t been up to CDPR’s expectations. Its original game, the official Gwent game, was also exclusive to Good Old Games.

Thronebreaker tells a story of a time far back in the history of the Witcher franchise, in one of the multiple wars that have been fought between the Northern Kingdoms and the Empire of Nilfgaard. Players take on the role of Queen Meve of Lyria and Rivia, who has had her kingdom conquered by Nilfgaard and must now rally a resistance to take the fight to the Empire. Meve is the one who, in the backstory of The Witcher, gave Geralt of Rivia his title after knighting him for his help in an important battle.

Thankfully, it seems that even though Thronebreaker didn’t have a good showing on GOG, CD Projekt RED ahs realized this and allowed the game to break its exclusivity and be published on Steam as well. Considering how popular Gwent was, hopefully Thronebreaker being put out on Steam will give it a sales boost that will allow it to be a big success.

If you’re a Witcher fan and enjoyed playing Gwent in Wild Hunt, Thronebreaker might be just the game for you to scratch that itch while still playing an engaging story. It’s currently available exclusively on PC, both on GOG and Steam.