Report: Guerilla Games Has Started Working On A New Killzone Game

Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t even out yet but it seems like Guerilla Games is gearing up to start development on another game, this time as part of their Killzone franchise.

A recent story from Parool, written in Dutch, suggests that the Amsterdam based development studio is working on a new a Killzone game now that development on Horizon Zero Dawn has completed and the game is ready to be released next week.

Since there is no official word from Sony or Guerilla Games regarding this new Killzone project, it should be taken with a small grain of salt until there is some official announcement or even a tease. Hopefully, more information will be available at E3 2017.

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The last Killzone game, Killzone Shadow Fall was released back in 2013 as a launch title for PS4. The game received favorable reviews with praises for art design, visuals and multiplayer (like always) while the singleplayer continued to receive criticism just like previous installments.

Considering it has been more than 3 years since the last installment of the franchise, it is about time that the development team started working on another game.

Even the managing director of Guerilla Games, Herman Hulst, indicated last year that more Killzone games would be releasing in the future.

However, since Horizon Zero Dawn has a season pass which means more DLC for the game needs to be developed, it could be some time until the next game is actually released unless some resources are shifted from further development of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Whether this new project will be for PS4 or PS Vita remains to be seen but the possibility of a handheld version are unlikely considering Sony closed down Guerilla Cambridge which developed Killzone Mercenary.

Though for now, it seems like Guerilla Games is fully focused on a smooth and successful launch for Horizon Zero Dawn.

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