Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Narrative Has “A Lot Of Real Emotional Moments”

The upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game has placed a large focus on its narrative and as such, fans can expect a lot of banter as well as meaningful (heartful) conversations.

Speaking with PC Gamer magazine for the latest issue, senior narrative director Mary DeMarle stated that with Guardians of the Galaxy, developer Eidos Montreal is focusing on the Guardians themselves and their relationships instead of making a game where players are tasked to spend hours on pointless missions.

In that vein, the “narrative experience” is the heart of the game and which will have more than just the humor which the franchise is known for.

“We were able to create, I hope, a very compelling story that has a lot of humor, a lot of excitement, a lot of real emotional moments,” said DeMarle.

While all of the Guardians will be present, Star-Lord will be the only playable character in the Guardians of the Galaxy game. Such a design choice might appear concerning for fans but Eidos Montreal made sure that even the unplayable Guardians will have ways to make their presence known.

DeMarle previously explained how there will be pre-determined sequences during progression where Star-Lord will be given multiple choices on how to proceed. The choice made by players in such sequences will impact the Guardians in more than one ways and either immediately or later on, and that too with a healthy dose of rumor.

For example, Drax might not be in favor of running away from a fight and will jump straight into a fray causing Star-Lord to decide whether to follow or not. Both choices impacting the relationship with Drax as well as opening up new progression paths.

Guardians of the Galaxy, the game, will officially release for both previous- and current-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles, PC, and Nintendo Switch on October 26, 2021. The game can be pre-ordered right now for a free outfit pack for those interested.

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