Guardians of Galaxy 2: Karen Gillan Returning as Nebula

Those of you, who loved Nebula in the Guardians of Galaxy, get ready because we have some great news for you. Karen Gillan returns to the sets of Guardians of Galaxy 2.

James Gunn, movie’s director and screenwriter revealed some details about the upcoming feature, which is due January 2016 for filming. Gunn used Periscope to answer some questions asked by fans about the upcoming sequel. Periscope is consistently improving and becoming user’s favorite way of interaction with celebrities.

Although Gunn was specific in revealing details about the movie, he said that Karen Gillan will reprise her character as Nebula without having to shave her head. It sure does sound like a plus for Gillan. Last time fans saw Nebula was when Gamora (Nebula’s elder sister) defeated her. Zoe Saldana plays the character of Gamora.

‘The script is very far along,’ added Gunn and that there will be a change in the tone of the movie, also the fans should expect something different than the previous installment from Marvel.

With almost 2 years remaining for the release, giving out the tone details can be considered a smart move. This might just create the right amount of hype required for the success of any movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will premiere on 5 May 2017 as of now.

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