Guacamelee 2 Skills And Trainers Guide – Costs, How To Unlock

Not only do you have a lot of different moves for you to learn, you also get to meet a lot of different trainers in Guacamelee! 2. This Guacamelee 2 Skills Guide will tell you about all of the skills that you can learn from the trainers and what do you need to spend in order to get access to the aforementioned skills.

Our Guacamelee 2 Skills Guide outlines all of the skills and trainers that can be gained in the game. It is a one-stop solution for many different challenges which would be impossible without them.

Guacamelee 2 Skills and Trainers

Do not think of the trainers as mentors, think of them as shopkeepers because that is what they are. You can access these trainers through one of your menus and they will remain there once you have unlocked them.

There is a wealth of skills and bonuses that can be bought from these trainers. Let’s go ahead and take a look at each of the trainers individually.

Dona Chamoya

This is the first trainer and one that can be found in the Land of the Dead near the town of Pantanillo. Go to the right side of the Los Manglares region to learn her fitness abilities.

Skill Description Cost
Max Health Increases Health By A Full Heart 2,000 Gold
Max Stamina Increases Stamina By A Full Circle 3,500 Gold
Life Smasher Killing Enemies Will Grant More Health 3,000 Gold And 5 Heart Chests
Recovery Rapida Stamina Will Regenerate Faster 5,000 Gold And 5 Stamina Chests
Peso Pesado Killing Enemies Will Grant More Gold 6,250 Gold And 10 Gold Chests
Mindful Meditation Recharge Health And Stamina 7,500 Gold, 10 Heart Chests, 10 Stamina Chests, And 5 Chamoya Fitness Skills

Flame Face

Find Flame Face on the Land of the Living in a bar near the town of Pantanillo. Once again, he can be found towards the deep end of the right side of the Los Manglares region and can teach you fury fighting moves.

Skill Description Cost
1, 2, Pow! Your 3-Hit Combo Attack Will Be More POW-Erful 3,750 Gold And Use 3-Hit Combo On Enemies 150 Times
Get Up! Use Dodge When You Hit The Ground To Get Up Quickly 3,7500 Gold
Gold Hits Get Gold For Hits After A 25 Hit Combo 4,500 Gold And Perform A 25 Hit Combo 25 Times
Gilded Gold Hits Gold Rewards Multiply At 25, 50, 100 Hits 6,250 Gold, Gold Hits Skill, And Perform A 50 Hit Combo 10 Times
Tough Guy Take 3 Hits Before Your Hit Meter Resets 4,500 Gold
Heavy Hitter Special Moves Cost Half Stamina After 50 Hits 6,250 Gold And Perform 100 Hit Combo 5 Times
On Fire! Special Moves Cost No Stamina After 100 Hits 7,500 Gold And 6 Fury Fighting Skills


Coscorrona is found in Pantanillo after you are done with the Jade temple and teaches you wrestling skills. She can be found in the left corner of the town of Pantanillo in the same region as the 2 trainers mentioned above.

Skill Description Cost
Pile Driver Grab An Enemy And DRIVE It Into The Ground 950 Gold
Pile DRIVEEERRR! Grab An Enemy And DRIIIVE It Into The Ground 1,850 Gold, Pile Driver Skill, Perform The Pile Driver Move 3 Times
Suplex Grab An Enemy And SUPLEX It Down 950 Gold
SUPLEEEEEX! Grab An Enemy And SUPLEEEEEX It Down. 1,850 Gold, Suplex Skill, Perform The Suplex Move 3 Times
Das Boot Grab An Enemy And BOOT It Away 950 Gold
Das BOOOOOT! Grab An Enemy And BOOOOOT It Away 1,850 Gold, Das Boot Skill, And Perform The Das Boot Move 3 Times
Rocket Kick Grab An Enemy And KICK It Straight Up 950 Gold
ROOOCKET KIIICK! Grab An Enemy And KIIICK It Straight Up 1,850 Gold, Rocket Kick Skill, And Perform The Rocket Kick Move 3 Times
GOOOTCHA! Dodge An Enemy Attack To Make Them Grabbable! 4,500 Gold And 8 Wrestling Moves Skills

Rooster Ramirez

This rooster can be found in Villachula. He teaches us Pollo Powers. We will update this guide once more information is available as to the skills that can be learned from this rooster.

That is all we have for our Guacamelee 2 Skills Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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