Guacamelee 2 Good Ending Guide

Guacamelee 2 is an amazing, colorful, and entertaining platformer but what good is a game without a proper ending to it? Since there are a couple of tasks that you need to carry out before you can actually trigger the Good Ending of the game, you may be finding some difficulty in it. No worries, below we’ll discuss the locations for all the Chicken Keys that you need to acquire to get the Guacamelee 2 Good Ending.

Guacamelee 2 Good Ending

Riddled along the many levels of Guacamelee are a total of 5 Chicken Keys. Though some of these are unmissable, others will require a lot of careful planning, tough platforming and that’s the reason why we’d recommend you to attempt them post-game when you’ve unlocked enough decent abilities for the job.

These abilities include the chicken powers via dungeons, self-healing abilities and also maximizing health and stamina. Getting all the 5 keys will let you unlock the Good Ending for the game. Below, you’ll find the description of the locations of the keys you need to obtain.

Chicken Key #1
This one will come your way as you defeat the third boss, Cactuardo, in Infierno. Don’t worry much about this one since you’ll come across it as a part of the main story.

Chicken Key #2
In Templo de Jade, head to the entrance in the south. This will lie in the Los Manglares Zone. You are to make your way to the green river below the chicken passage. Here, try to stay in the blue light to avoid the harmful effects of the lava. Turn into the chicken and use the hover ability to successfully reach the key.

Chicken Key #3
In Infierno, towards the lake of lava, there is a platform section in the east of the region. Complete it to get the key.

Chicken Key #4
When you reach Isla Bonita, use the western door to head to Tule Treetops Top. Now you need to get past the guard there. You do that by laying eggs, an ability which can only be acquired once you defeat the chicken in the dungeon of Infierno. Once inside, you’ll need to use a bunch of chicken powers including the eagle hook.

Chicken Key #5
The final key can be found in Los Manglares. Right in the middle of the region, if you drop down from the town hub, you’ll end up in a secret enemy area with a yellow wall blocking it. Shatter it with the Headbutt ability.

You’ll eventually get the gauntlet after defeating some tough bosses. This together with the other keys will allow you to proceed forward.

Make sure to save your game prior to proceeding into the final fight. Good insurance, in case you still end up getting the bad ending because you missed a key or two.

Once you have all the five keys, head to the Chicken Illuminati Headquarters in Prison El Corazon. After you complete the platforming puzzles and bring down the final boss, Salvador in Templo de la Serpiente, you’ll trigger the Guacamelee 2 Good Ending. There you go, a happy finale.

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