Guacamelee 2 Beginners Guide

Our Guacamelee 2 Beginners Guide will be perfect for those who have recently begun with the game but want to know some of the more stuff to help them get started and make their experience a little more forgiving.

Guacamelee 2 Beginners Guide

These Guacamelee 2 tips and tricks are for the people who need some ways to progress through the game at a faster rate and not fail as many times as they have been doing so.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the best tips and tricks that would be perfect for a beginner to this sort of a genre.

Use your Punches as Movement

Your Lucha Punches can be used as movement abilities as well. You will unlock various different kinds of punches as you move through the game such as uppercuts, big punches, and the like. These punches can be used to get to areas where you could not without them. They can break through the barrels and be used to gain extra height when jumping.

Dodging Effectively

Try dodging as much as you can. It can be used to not only avoid damage but also to move faster. You can also use them to cancel super moves and chain together various different combos. Try to figure out what is the maximum ceiling of the dodge by combining it with your punches and notice the difference in your skill.

Returning to Challenges

You can also return to challenges once you have unlocked some of the extra moves. This will allow you to complete some of the more difficult challenges much more easily. Not only that, you will also have some extra experience under your belt so you will understand the game mechanics better.

Earning More Coins Using Peso Pesado

You can do a lot of things to earn coins. You should unlock the Peso Pesado skill as fast as you can because it will allow you to earn a lot more coins. It is found underneath the Chamoya Fitness trainer and gives you more gold for every single enemy that you defeat in the game. This will allow you to have better skills and thus compound the effect that your character can have.


Try to use the combos of the chickens to their maximum potential. They have the four-hit combo which is very fast and can be used to destroy the white shields around enemies. Pollos also have their own dungeons which are optional but can be very fun to go through.

Multiple Endings

There are 2 different endings that you can have in this game. You need to discover the Chicken Illuminati if you want the good ending and it will be a little more difficult than the standard ending. You will get a chance to complete all of the challenges on the map, so do not worry too much about this.

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