New GTX 1060 From Gigabyte With GDDR5X Memory To Take On AMD RX 590

We heard rumors regarding the 20 series coming back to GTX branding with the GTX 2060. The RTX cards are already out and Pascal is slowly but surely coming off the shelves. Nvidia seems to be working in a new GTX 1060 that will come with GDDR5X memory instead of the GDDR5 memory which we see in the current GTX 1060.

It has been a while since a new 10 series graphics card came out and the majority of the new releases were launched for the Chinese markets where these cards are popular in gaming zones. Sources from Gigabyte claim that the upcoming GTX 1060 will be based on the GP104 core and the graphics card looks like a 1080. This might be a cutdown version of the GTX 1080.

GTX 1060

We are not sure what kind of performance the new GTX 1060 will have to offer. This could be another market specific card but because it is Gigabyte, we are hopeful that this variant will come to multiple markets. The important thing to mention here is that there are plenty of variants of the GTX 1060 on the market right now and I am not sure how adding another one will translate.

Another interesting point to mention here is that we are hearing about this GDDR5X graphics card when the AMD RX 590 has been spotted. The new Nvidia graphics card might come out to take on the AMD RX 590. It will be interesting to see how well both the graphics cards compete with one another.

The AMD RX 590 is going to be based on the 12nm process from what we have hard so far. It will be clocked higher than the 580 but it is not revolutionary when it comes to the architecture. The 1060 is not something revolutionary either, as it is based on the Pascal architecture.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming GTX 1060 graphics card from Gigabyte that comes with GDDR5X memory and whether or not this is something that you are interested in getting.

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