GTA V Online Race Creator Tips and Tricks on How to Get the Best Out of it

The latest edition of Rockstar Game Tips has outlined the GTA Online Race Creator tips and tricks for you to create races that are really fun to play.

These tips will help you get started properly if you are new to the Creator.

First off, you will need to choose the kind of race you want to create. Choose the terrain (land, sea, air or a mix of them) and then decide what vehicles will it involve, if any (it could be a print, a bicycle race or something involving classic sports cars). After that, you choose other parameters like time, laps and weather so that you are good to go on the basics.

There on, the locations would be all you focus on. You will plant a trigger i.e. the place where the players will go in the Free-mode, and then choose the area where you want the starting grid to be.

You might also want to take a shot of the area for the Lobby.

Next will be marking the route with checkpoints; use the left stick to move your camera and the right to pan. In case you want a checkpoint between two checkpoints, it should be touching the blue line that appears between the previously marked checkpoints.

It will be important that you give attention to the vehicle settings and the route type given on the Race Details Menu.

Obviously, if you want the race type to be Laps, you will have to make sure your track loops back. If your race is a point to point, you will have to make it at least 0.62 miles long.

Before publishing, you will need to give it at least one full test.

Everything before this was the basics, what will make your race unique is the placements of weapons, boosts and props.

In GTA Race you can place Weapons, Health and Boosts from the Weapons Menu under Placement. Props will decide what extra twists you want in the game like blocking a bridge, adding a jump or a stunt jump. These can be used from the Props tab under Placement.

Adding stunt jumps will require placing two markers. One at the ramp where the drivers take off and one where you want the Stunt Camera to be placed. Use the analog sticks to manage the height of the camera.

The usable props will vary depending on the terrain you have chosen for your race i.e. land, sea or air.

You can only use water ramps and buoys on a water based terrain. Also, when creating a race up in the air, make sure the heights of your checkpoints are not too disproportionate as compared to each other to allow for a smooth race.

In the end, it is always good to keep testing and re-testing the thing you are making so that you know the experience yourself. This way you can come back to the creator and fix whatever you are not happy with.

During a test run you can hit the d-pad to enter the creator and fix the place where you are. You can also add checkpoints while testing the game through the select/back button.

If you are at loss with the project at hand and want to start all over again, hit Placement and then Delete Options; here you will be allowed to wipe the canvas clean of anything you have added.

If you think you are well acquainted with the basic skills of the GTA Online Race Creator, here are some other tips and tricks that will come handy when you are looking for the best experience:

  • Winning a race with skill is what you should aim at, so make sure that every next checkpoint is visible when a player is driving and avoid that the player goes in blank.
  • Place your checkpoints slightly before the apex of the corner for right turns.
  • A well placed checkpoint is something that will keep the game a battle for skills.
  • Give a good description so that the players know how to be the best at your race. For example if there are a lot of props, traffic would be a hurdle that is too much, let people know that.
  • Don’t place items (like weapons and health) too close; so that everyone has an even chance at grabbing them.
  • Place rockets where they are tactically important (at the start of a long straight portion of the road maybe), otherwise they will simply out do the competitiveness of the race. Same goes for Jumps.
  • Place the Boosts on straight sections of the road otherwise they will end up wrecking cars.
  • Placing stunt jump cameras on turns will lead to the player losing sight of their car, so avoid.
  • Choose vehicles according to the terrain and the roadmap, Compacts, Sports Cars, Off Road vehicles and Classic Cars do not perform the same on muddy roads, ice, intricate city routes, mountain trails and so on.
  • Keep testing pilots for vertical and lateral as well as side to side movements in Air Races otherwise you will be giving them a straight path to race on. Also, extremely tight turns in the air are a no-go; flying planes have no hand brakes.
  • A good Air Race would be where you use the game world elements in combination to your checkpoints, for example twists around bridges and skyscrapers mixed with articulately placed checkpoints.
  • Keep experimenting!

hope these tips and tricks make your GTA Online Race Creator experience better. Do let us know about your endeavors with the creator tools of the game.

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