GTA V Online High Life Update Goes Live Today

GTA V Online High Life Update goes live today for both the consoles and it brings a number of new exciting additions to the game.

First addition that comes with the update is the inclusion of four new vehicles, including a new bike ‘Dink Thrust’. Also making its way to the update is the Bullpup Rifle, which is an amazing addition to the already available assault rifles.

Second up are the changes in terms of property as now you will be able to purchase multiple properties, which means that you will have more space to keep your favorite vehicles.

Moreover, five brand new high-end apartments are added that have a superior and different interior design than the ones players are accustomed to.

The update includes 15 new jobs so that you stay busy and keep earning some cash. Alongside the jobs, five new contact missions are also added.

Rockstar is bringing a twist to the races by including an option “Non-Contact”, which disables all the players’ collisions from the races as their cars will start to appear transparent once you are near them. However, the collisions with the environment and the non-player cars will still happen.


Another addition to the update is ‘Mental State’, which changes according to your actions throughout the play-through. This state is marked as either violent or calm to give other players an idea of what to expect from you.

Finally, some little changes like new wardrobes and vehicle horns are also added into the update.

These new additions to GTA V Online will make your experience in the game way more fun than it was before.

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