GTA Online Servers Currently Down, No Word From Rockstar

GTA Online fans are experiencing issues with connecting to the game’s online features as the servers appear to be down for now. Rockstar Games hasn’t released any official statement yet. However, the team must already be investigating the issue causing online services to become unavailable.

Over the past hour, the GTA Online servers are down, causing thousands of gamers to get locked out of multiplayer. According to DownDetector, the issue is mostly found in Europe with some reports also in the west and east coast of the USA. Minor issues have also been spotted in Malaysia and other parts of the world.

We would expect the Rockstar Support Twitter account to have a statement done already but this is not the case. The official support center has online server status for Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online to be limited right now.

More specifically, on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. Google Stadia was not affected by this incident. The social club is also live and running as well as the Rockstar Games Launcher. It comes as a surprise that the website doesn’t

While there is no legit answer to the issue, we don’t know how long the GTA servers will stay down and offline. We’ll have to wait for Rockstar Games to resolve the issue and post a statement about the issue in the next minutes. If you were planning to play some Grand Theft Auto role play or a custom game right now, you might face an unpleasant surprise.

Note that this issue doesn’t affect all players. Cases continue to pop up all over the world, this doesn’t mean it will happen to you as well though. Some players are already able to log into the GTA online servers normally, so give it some time and the problem will resolve on its own if you too are experiencing the issue.

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