GTA Online Racing Tips Guide – How To Win

Finding it difficult to win races in GTA Online? Read these tips dossier to dominate your opponents.

Participating in races is a well known way to gain some extra RP and cash. Although when farming for RP; it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. But still; there are a number of ways which can help you in getting ahead of the pack.

These tips are sure to work both in Online and Offline races. For more help on GTA Online, read our Cargo Trucks Storage, Increasing Stats and Rank Up Fast Guide.

GTA Online Racing Tips

Knowing the Track
Keeping an eye on the track is a good idea in getting ahead of the other players. Sometimes; there are some unexpected turns which can almost throw you out of the race. Look at the mini-map for these kinds of turns.

No doubt that speed and acceleration are one of the most significant factors when it comes to winning a race. But there is something which holds more value and i.e. controlling your vehicle.

If you drive your car carefully; avoid collisions with the traffic and other drivers; and stay on your track, you would still be able to score second or third position.

Ramming Down Other Vehicles
Ramming down other vehicles is a good idea to get them out of the race for a short period of time; giving you advantage over them.

Try to ram the other vehicles’ bumper either from left or right to spin them over. However, there might be some instances when your own vehicle will turn turtle.

The better way is to ram a vehicle and drive them into an obstacle or oncoming cars.

Evading the Collisions
As soon as a race starts, there will be a bunch of drivers around you; trying to bring your down. These collisions will keep you from winning the race about 50% of the times. So make sure to avoid them.

Speeding not always works in your favor! Hitting the gas at some of the sharp turns will result in some of the devastating collisions and you might even get yourself killed.

Use brakes while turning and hit the gas at once for a perfect turn.

Racing franchises’ veterans will be familiar with drafting. Drafting basically involves driving behind a car to gain a speed boost.

Get behind your opponent car and drive in the while lines to overtake them eventually. Note that; if you can do this, other drivers can also do the same to you. In order to prevent this from happening; don’t stay in the same lane for too long!

Check out this video to know more about how to draft.

Perfect Launch
Yet another thing which is not new to racing games’ fans! Perfect Launching means hitting the gas at the same time when ‘Go!’ appears on your screen. This will help you getting ahead of your opponents by a temporary speed bonus.

Practice is the key to success. Practice tight corners, braking, and drafting and you will outshine everyone on the racing track.

I’m pretty much sure that the tips below will suffice to your needs; but don’t forget to tell us your own strategies in the Comment Section below!

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