GTA Online is Offering 50% Discount on Allies Services Until This Weekend

Until coming weekend, all GTA Online players will be able to avail fifty per cent discount on all in-game services provided by different allies.

The discounted services kicked off on Aug. 29 across all platforms and those who still haven’t discovered it, here’s a quick rundown of everything that is being offered:

Starting from Lester, players will be able to avail fifty per cent discount on all his services which include bribing the local authorities, bounties, losing heat/pursuit, and different vehicles’ locations.

GTA Online

The exact same discount is also applicable on all of the MerryWeather services which include extraction using a helicopter or a boat, calling in an airstrike, armed forces, backup, and restocking ammo.

Next up is Brucie’s Bull Shark Testosterone tonic which will let you deal twice amount of damage while receiving only half of it – quite useful in most heists.

Pegasus is also offering discounted rates on every vehicle delivered to you along with Lamar’s mugger for half of its original price.

This is most certainly a good time to carry out heists and other activities which are somewhat dependant on aid from these allies.

In related GTA Online news, Rockstar Games has warned that anyone with a 12GB Playstation 3 model will not be able to play the multiplayer mode soon.

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