GTA Online How to Evade the Cops and Lower Wanted Level

Similar to Grand Theft Auto V story mode; GTA Online features an extensive network of police and military to put a stop to any wrongdoing in the city. Although the Wanted Levels work exactly in the same manner as in the GTA V single-player mode; there are some things exclusive to GTA Online only.

Even in GTA V Online, evading cops can be a bit of a hassle if you don’t know what to do?! Most of the time; usual tactics apply to escape the cops which include remaining out of sight for a short duration of time, moving into tight alleys, and speeding off on the on-coming lane.

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GTA Online – How to Evade the Cops

The mini-map in the bottom left corner of your screen is a vital key of escaping the cops. However, owning to the visibility restrictions; the map will not allow you to see a larger portion of the map while driving.

While escaping the cops; press ‘Down’ twice on the D-Pad and your mini-map will get enlarged allowing you to see a large portion of the map. This will allow you to see the direction from where the cops are approaching you; so that you can plan your escape accordingly!

You can also make the map permanently large via the options menu but this can be a distraction for some players.

Try it and see if it works for you! And don’t forget to share your own tips with us in the Comment Section below!

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