GTA Online Enjoy your Stay ‘All Activities’ Guide

‘Enjoy your Stay’ is an achievement or trophy which requires you to participate in everything Los Santos has to offer in GTA Online.

Like in single-player mode; GTA Online offers a ton of side-activities to players to complete and take part in. Players can participate in these activities to unlock different items and rank up.

You can have a look on these activities in the game but not all of them are required to unlock this achievement or trophy. We have compiled a list below which requires your participation if you intend to complete this challenge.

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Also note that some of these activities will be readily available when you start the ‘Online Mode’ but some require a certain level which you need to achieve.

Note: If you quit an activity; it will NOT count towards your progression; regardless of the fact that it will appear as completed in the in-game list.

We have more comprehensive guides on all of these activities; you can check them out too for some extra help!

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