GTA Online Cargo Trucks Storage Guide – How To Store Vehicles

Ever since the launch of GTA Online; people have been trying to stash things in most of the Cargo Trucks. You can put things in them and they will stay there.

If you store bikes inside a Cargo; they will stay there. As for four wheel vehicles; they can slide down IF the doors are not properly shut! Read on to know more about the trucks which can be used to stash things and people in.

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GTA Online Cargo Trucks

The best truck to start with is Benson. The back door of this truck is more or less of an incline; so it is quite easy to get things in it!

You need to get on top of the truck and start stomping near the edge of the door to pop it open! THIS is how you should do it!

Just like the other vehicles; the back doors of the truck will shut automatically the moment you start driving it at average speeds. And just in case the doors don’t close; push the back side of the truck against a wall and they will close.


Another great thing about these trucks is that; you can stand inside them without falling down. You can even stand on the ramp and continue to shoot people while the police is in your pursuit.

Courtesy of a Reddit User – Veritoss43, we have a images of different trucks which can be used for this purpose:

As for a Dump Truck; it can’t be opened but the things stashed in it will remain safe. Furthermore; you can also do this with Cargo Aircraft like Titan and Cargobob Helicopter.

There also are some interesting things about these Cargo Trucks which work in GTA Online:

  • While you are in a Cargo Truck; the cops won’t be able to see you and you can shoot as much as you want. Moreover, the driver will NOT get any Wanted Star.
  • Sometimes, it will so happen that the cops will notice you but it will fade after a minute.
  • If the truck turns turtle; you will NOT remain stable inside but the doors won’t open either. So; you will be safe!
  • Driving into the water will fill the back area with water.
  • Like afore mentioned; the bikes will remain stable in their position. However, cars can slide down the ramp. You can ask another player to get in the car and hold the brakes to avoid this.

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