GTA 6 Map Could Be Bigger Than What Previous Leaks Suggest

When it comes to GTA 6, everything we know is based on rumors and leaks. Even its existence is in question. While there are many leaks regarding the GTA 6 map and gameplay, one contradicts the other. After a recent Kotaku feature on Rockstar Games, people have started to dig deeper in order to figure out what’s closer to the truth. Which one is closer to the truth?

The original Kotaku feature wanted the GTA 6 to be moderate in size, in order to able to develop easier. However, frequent updates would size up its world, even more, bringing it to an even bigger state. This would make Rockstar avoid the backlash of Red Dead Redemption 2. Back then, reports wanted employees to be working bigger shifts in order to complete. Even though this looks like a plausible scenario, fans beg to think otherwise.

According to a recent thread on Reddit, there’s a credible source that wants the GTA 6 map to be huge and in preproduction since 2014. The source, Chris Liberty has follows by multiple accounts close to Rockstar Games, making his statements even more possible. Liberty has previously leaked the departure of Dan Houser and provided information regarding Grand Theft Auto 6 in the past.

At this point, we’re pulling strings in order to find out more about Rockstar’s next addition to the GTA franchise. No one really knows whether Kotaku’s or Liberty’s sayings are correct, so take the rumors with a grain of salt.

If and when GTA 6 will get announced is a mystery. It might be years before we find out what the game is really like. For now, we should settle with the possibility of it being set in multiple cities and the existence of a robust number of new features. The line between the “early in development” an “halfway done” statements is blurry so we better sit tight and wait for the official announcement. Undeniably, there are many great games to play and plenty of activities in GTA 5 to do before that happens.

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