GTA 6 Map & Development Progress Leaks Debunked

Recent GTA 6 leaks got debunked after the source confirmed to be just his opinions based on what he expects as a journalism.

Over the past days, there have been a big amount of GTA 6 leaks coming up in the light of the day. True or not, the community was excited about the possibility of the next Grand Theft Auto game is as big as the rumors wanted. In the end, the source of those rumors confirmed that everything said was nothing more than expectations on their end.

The said GTA 6 leaks consisted of information about the size of the map and the state of its development. More specifically, Chris Liberty’s tweets claimed that the map is way bigger than the original statements wanted. In addition, he expects the game to be at least halfway done with its development. Liberty took the tame to clear up the air with an official statement. In it, he says that he’s not an insider and everything he says is from a journalist standpoint. He states:

“For the declaration, we wish to apologize for the people who have been misled. Unfortunately, it was against our will. That we want to share our passion for Rockstar and that we are journalists. And not insiders, so our role is to inform and not to leak information! If people want to chat with us, we respond to everyone on social media. And we thank the community and the Reddit moderator team enormously.”

As you can see, all the GTA 6 leaks are now debunked. This means that we’re back to square one. We expected as much since everything said as a rumor is as credible as a bedtime story. For the time being, all we know about Grand Theft Auto 6 is that it most likely will be a next-gen title. Intrepid Capital recently predicted the GTA 6 release date. According to the firm, Rockstar Games could release GTA 6 shortly after the release of the next-gen consoles. This would be another big hit for the franchise owning the best selling game in the US.

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