GTA 6 Codenamed “Fireball”?

Fans have been dying to hear about the next Grand Theft Auto game (GTA 6 apparently). Although we don’t have any considerable official information about the game yet, the rumor mill about GTA 6 has been quite active.

According to a new interesting find, Grand Theft Auto 6 could be codenamed “Fireball”. The information comes from the resume of a voice actor that mentioned a name Tamara, probably a character in Project Fireball by Rockstar Games.

GTA 6 voice actor 1

The interesting part is that while the information was there on Actor’s resume until July 15, it was removed the next day. So the obvious conclusion is that it was removed after being spotted. Now, the resume doesn’t have any mention of “Fireball” or Rockstar Games.

And if you want to verify it yourself, you can use Wayback Machine to check the cached version of the web pages on July 15 or before that. Internet doesn’t forget anything, right?

Previously, GTA 6 was rumored to be Codenamed “Project Americas”. Codenames changes can occur so there is a possibility that first it was Project Americas and not it is Fireball. However, there is also a possibility that it could very well be some other game being developed at Rockstar Games. Fans have been asking for a new Bully game for a long time now and there other franchises as well that could benefit from a new game as well.

GTA 6 is reportedly using Rage Engine 9 that can apparently pump more textures than Unreal Engine 5. All these rumors have fans excited and everyone is waiting for an official reveal by Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games. We aren’t even sure about the official name of the next GTA game. GTA 6 makes sense but Rockstar can easily go with some other name. They can even go with a simple “Grand Theft Auto” which could be a reboot for the entire series.

Since we don’t have any official information on GTA 6, we can only enjoy those wild rumors for the time being.