GTA 5 To Be Free On Epic Games Store Until May 21 [Updated]

Is GTA 5 going free on the Epic Games Store tomorrow? Latest report wants the 2013 hit to be reaching its ultimate fanservice state.

It’s confirmed now that GTA 5 is coming to Epic Games Store as a free game until May 21.

Original Story
A new report claims that GTA 5 is going free on Epic Games Store tomorrow. For the time being, this is only a rumor. Come tomorrow though, if the report proves to be true, the gaming community will be going full “gangsta”.

The report comes from GamePressure, claiming that a “reliable source” confirmed that GTA 5 will be available for free through the Epic Store. While we wouldn’t want to feed false hopes, it does look like a possible scenario. The game is not available on Xbox Game Pass on PC anymore. In addition, rumors about GTA 6 being in development keep getting more and more information. Is Rockstar ready to deliver the ultimate fan service?

Right now, the Epic Store offers Death Incoming available for free. In a few hours though, the offer Free Game rotation will come to a “MYSTERY GAME”. If this indeed is GTA 5 going free on Epic Store, things are turning upside down. Not only is Rockstar’s game one of the most popular games in existence. It is also active and updated right now. Players that log in daily for their role-playing sessions or daily missions will find even more players joining the fun.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) is available for more than six years ago. Interestingly, it still continues to dominate sales across all platforms. The installment has not only earned hundreds of accolades since release but has also set several milestones for current- and next-generation games to pursue. For the record, the game has achieved the rank of best-selling title in the US, which is huge.

If the report comes out to be true, then we have one more reason to believe that GTA 6 is coming. Rumors want the successor to the 2013 giant being in development for years. The game is reportedly split across multiple maps and will see a return to familiar places from previous additions to the franchise. We can’t wait to see what Rockstar Games has in store for us.

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