GTA 5 Sea Racing Guide – Race Locations and How To Win

Where to find the sea races and how to win them in GTA 5. Everything you need to know about the sea racing in Grand Theft Auto V.

We have covered all the land sports that are playable in Grand Theft Auto V. But it’s GTA V; no aspect of the game is restricted to a specific thing only. A very good example of this; is some of the races that players can participate in.

However, these races are not restricted to fast cars and land only but extend to jet-skis and water. Players can participate in a number of water-based races. However, in order to begin a race, you must complete ‘Hood Safari’ mission. Each of the three characters can participate in these races.

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GTA 5 Sea Races

In order to begin a race, get yourself a Speedophile Seashark jet-ski and go to the checkered flag on your mini-map. Pressing ‘right’ on your directional pad will start the race. Note that you will not be provided any cash for winning these races and all four races are unlocked at the same time.

You will get a Gold medal for coming in first place, a Silver medal for coming in second place, and a Bronze medal for securing third position. You must have your jet-ski before starting the race.

Note: Please see the in-game controls for more assistance on how to handle these boats.

East Coast
This race is found in the East Coast Pacific Ocean.

Grab a Seashark and get to the race. After starting the race, you should pay heed to the oncoming waves. Colliding with these waves head-on will send you into the air for a short period of time but you won’t be able to take a turn which can be very irritating at times.

Throughout the race, you’ll note that some of the waves will assist you by shoving you into the air. This will help you in crossing some of the obstacles (rocks) in your way.

The timing of the turns and crossing the obstacles is very crucial in these races. So adjust your timing according to the oncoming obstacles and waves.

North East Coast
This race is found El Gordo Light House.

This is a checkpoint race comprising 30 checkpoints. The best way to get a Gold medal in this race is to use the waves to your advantage and get ahead of the pack before hitting checkpoint #5.

Occasionally, a wave will send you flying into the air near a sharp turn. If this happens, make your jet-ski face downwards so that you get back in the water instantly. Keep on practicing until you master it!

Raton Canyon
This race can be found at Zancudo River, Blaine County.

This whole race is in the shallow water of Zancudo River in Blaine County. However, the difficulty level is at its peak. You will come across all kinds of obstacles, tight corners, and sharp turns. And this won’t happen to you alone as your opponents will also face these hindrances. If driven carefully, you can speed past them near checkpoint #3.

The best way to take a sharp turn is by letting go of the throttle and using your breaks to take the turn and then hitting the throttle at once. As the race is in the shallow waters; you don’t have to worry about the oncoming waves.

Los Santos
This race can be found in Cypress Flats, South Los Santos.

This race is commenced at Flood Control Canals near Cypress Flats. As the race begins, try to remain at the left until you get to the second checkpoint. And take small turns where possible until you reach checkpoint #11. I’m sure it will give you an obvious lead on your opponents.

The rest of the race is pretty easy and you should cover the 25 checkpoints in no time. Taking small turns wherever possible is definitely recommended.

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