GTA 5 Rampages ‘Red Mist’ Guide – How To Complete

Although everybody loves Trevor, most of us would agree that we would not like to be acquainted with such an unpredictable personality. And those who are: well, I feel you bro. Anywho, Trevor is the only badass who can participate in the infamous Rampage missions, which are back and crazier than ever.

And since we have a maniacal hero (do you even get to call him that?) at our disposable, Rampage missions become just that much more fun. So let’s be crazy like always and participate in some insanity-driven killing.

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GTA 5 Rampages

Redneck Rampage

  • Get 45 kills.
  • Get 3 headshots.
  • Destroy 2 vehicles.

In this rampage Trevor will encounter two rednecks, and things will escalate quickly because… well, Trevor is Trevor, that’s why.

Soon you’ll have waves of rednecks attacking you, but this isn’t a normal situation – Trevor’s raving mad at the moment, and he will automatically have his special ability activated throughout the rampage mode. This makes it really easy to kill enemies, but it’s important to avoid overdoing it, or you can actually end up being dead even though you may feel invincible.

Kill the two rednecks from the cutscene, and more will come in vehicles. You should use the grenades here to take the vehicles out quickly. More rednecks will then show up from behind you and everywhere else, and you pretty much have to just utilize Trevor’s ability and shoot these bastards.

Make sure you get rid of the 3 headshot requirement quickly so you don’t have to get too many additional kills. Hopefully all this killing will cool Trevor down a bit.

What Accent?

  • Get 45 kills.
  • Get 6 headshots.
  • Destroy 2 vehicles.

Okay, this guy has some serious issues. Make sure you keep your Indian friend away from Trevor, or he’ll gun down the entire town just because of the accent. This rampage is pretty similar to the first one. The only different is that you’ll be using an SMG, and will be in a different environment.

Because of this reason, you’ll have to be a tad bit closer to the enemies that come after you. Trevor’s frenzy mode makes it super-easy to take out enemies, but you need to get 6 headshots – twice as much as the previous Rampage. It’s a little tough with SMGs from a distance, so make sure you try it on isolated enemies.

Don’t forget to toss a grenade at any car that shows up as well. Rinse and repeat, and before you know it you’d have killed nearly 50 people.

No Love for the Hood

  • Get 50 kills.
  • Get 6 headshots.
  • Destroy 2 vehicles.

First rednecks, then people with accents, and now ballas. Trevor oh Trevor, you never fail to impress. This time around you’ll be shooting around with the assault rifle you just took. Gang members will appear shortly afterwards, possibly along with cars. It’s the same drill as before – make sure you grenade the cars to blow them up, and get some sweet, sweet headshots in as well.

There will be ballas and gang members appearing on the rooftops of the neighboring buildings, so make sure you take them out as well. This stuff is getting a bit too easy with Trevor’s ability, no? Yeah, it is, but don’t get cocky, or you could end up like one of the many corpses you just created.

Make sure to advance through the alley when the time gets lower, this will allow you to clear more enemies in a shorter time.

One Man Army

  • Get 45 kills.
  • Get 6 headshots.
  • Destroy 2 tanks

Looks like Trevor wants to take on Uncle Sam himself. It’s time to teach back some democracy, and we’ll be doing it with a grenade launcher and an infinite supply of ammo. Sweet! This is a super-easy mission, which is odd considering you’re fighting against the US Army.

You also have an assault rifle and grenades (you won’t need those). Make sure you use the assault rifle for getting those required headshots. Tanks might sound intimidating, but against an insane man with a grenade launcher in his hand (not to mention infinite ammo that goes with it), heavy armor doesn’t stand a chance.

Make sure you don’t take hits from the tanks (isn’t it crazy and embarrassing that they needed to send out two tanks against one puny man, and that they actually got destroyed!?).

That will teach Uncle Sam not to mess with crazy Trevor.

Hipster Nation

  • Get 30 kills.
  • Get 10 headshots.
  • Destroy 2 vehicles.

Everybody hates hipsters, apart from hipsters themselves, of course. It kind of makes sense why Trevor would want to kill them — only to Trevor that is. This Rampage challenge will give you a sawed-off shotgun and grenades to take out the hipster army. Nice.

The only problem with this though is that it’s a bit hard to aim for headshots with shotguns.

For this, you should try using manual aiming. Trevor’s already in his frenzy mode with the ability active, so 20 of the 30 kills should come quite easily, but occasionally make sure you aim manually to blow off a dozen hipster faces.

As for the vehicles, some hipsters will drive around in weird scooters. How typical of them. These can actually be quite annoying because they’ll try to hit you while on them to make you fall, thus wasting your time. Try to stay off the road for this reason and keep yourself mobile.

Use grenades on the vehicles that arrive, and teach those hipsters that sometimes a mainstream psychopath is not too mainstream at all.

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