GTA 5 PC Version: How to Add Custom Music to Radio Stations

After tons of sarcastic memes and an equal number of heated demands from the PC gaming community, GTA 5 PC version hits the racks all over the world today.

With that, we are sure you guys will be looking out to find out more and more about what the game has to offer – and that is something a single post cannot cover.

However, out of the tons of things you want to know, we have one you will really love i.e. how to add custom music to the radio stations that play in the game whether you are playing single player or the online component.

It is fairly simple, once you have downloaded the GTA 5 PC version to your computer, you have to go to the “Computer” and then to your “documents” folder. Once inside the folder you should look for another folder titled “Rockstar Games.”

Inside, there will be a folder called GTA V, open it and you will see a “user music” folder inside it. Once you have found the “user music” folder, everything is simple. Just copy the songs you want to be played on the GTA 5 PC version radio stations and paste them inside the said folder.

Apparently, there is no upper limit to the number of songs you add but you will probably have to add four songs at least – lastly, just remember that the file type should be MP3.

After you are done, crank up the game, hit “start” and go to “settings.” Then go to “audio” and choose “self radio mode.” Ask the game for a scan and all the tracks you added will get included in to your GTA 5 PC version radio stations under your custom music.

Check out this video for visual instructions.

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