GTA 5 Online The Humane Lab Raid Guide – How To Access, Key Codes, Heist Finale

GTA 5 Online is filled to the brim with activites to do, collectibles to find, and heists to take part in. GTA 5 Online The Humane Lab Raid is one of the heists available for players to take part in and this GTA 5 online The Humane Lab Raid guide will help you through the entirety of the heist.

GTA 5 Online The Humane Lab Raid is a 4-player Heist at the Humane Labs and Research Facility. The heist will see players pulling off a dangerous job full of action and explosions that will also reward players handsomely.

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GTA 5 Online The Humane Lab Raid Heist

The leader must put in $54,000 in The Humane Lab Raid heist to earn $575,000 that will split between split between four players.

However, GTA 5 online The Humane Lab Raid is not an easy job to complete and that is where our GTA 5 online The Humane Lab Raid guide comes in that will help players step-by-step on how to access the heist and how to complete it for the highest earnings.

Humane Raid – Key Codes
Details: Meet a contact in Downtown to receive the Humane Labs key codes. Set up lookouts and security at the meet in case of interruption.

The first part requires 2 lookouts, 1 bodyguard, and 1 buyer. The game should automatically assign you roles after which you need to customize your characters and head to the meeting point. After getting to the meeting points, the lookouts need to get to the vantage point while buyer and bodyguard wait for the VIP seller to arrive.

The seller will arrive in a black car with one of her bodyguard. After getting clearance, she will decide to hand you over the briefcase (key codes) only to find some FBI clowns there. There are a whole lot of them so make sure to pick up body armor and ammunition before attempting this.

I find it exceedingly useful to use a RPG and destroy the FBI vehicles. Once every agent is killed, pick up the briefcase and rush to the planning room. Once all of you arrive at the apartment, the objective completes.

Humane Raid – Insurgents
Details: Take two Insurgent LAPVs from a Merryweather test site at the Davis Quartz Quarry for use in the raid on Humane Labs.

Once again, choose your choice of outfits and vehicles followed by heading to Davis Quartz Quarry – Merryweather Test Site. It’s a long ride so make sure to race your friends while you are at it!

Once you arrive at the site, make sure not to use RPGs else you will blow up the vehicles that you need to hijack. I would recommend not stopping anywhere before the site where the vehicles are parked to face as minimum resistance as possible.

Do note that only one of the LAPV comes with a mounted mini-gun. This section is absolutely insane and you need amazing coordination to make it to the drop off. The idea is to take care of the choppers before the light armored vehicles in your pursuit. You need to deliver the two vehicles down at the docks. Once you have done that, kill the remaining Merryweather soldiers to watch the cut-scene to complete this portion.

Humane Raid – EMP
Details: Get hold of an Electromagnetic Pulse Device to shut down power at Humane Labs. It’s currently installed in a Hydra jump jet.

Similar to previous objectives suit up and customize your outfits and choose vehicles before heading to the Dinghy. Do note that all of you are in the boat before heading to the Vessel – follow the boat mark on your mini-map to get to the boat.

After parking the boat, head to the very top of the carrier. I find going in with guns blazing as the best option. There are a ton of enemies on top of the carrier. I would highly recommend clearing out the whole area before going towards the Hydra.

You need to know that only player will take the Hydra so make sure to let the one with the highest flying skills take the Hydra. Once the chosen one takes the Hydra into the air, the remaining three players will be asked to take P996-Lazers and destroy enemy aircraft in pursuit of Hydra.

Once you get rid of the enemy aircrafts, you need to escort the Hydra to the drop off. Do note that the Hydra is landed vertically – do not mess it up. Once this is done, head back to your apartment to continue.

Humane Raid – Valkyrie
Acquire a Valkyrie helicopter gunship for the raid on Humane Labs. Merryweather Security is storing it at their base in the Los Santos Naval Port.

There are two ways of getting the Valkyrie – through water and through land. The whole area is swarming with enemies. It’s highly recommended that you get rid of all these enemies before taking the chopper.

Do note that only player gets to fly the Valkyrie and the rest 3 players control the guns and take out the pursuing choppers.

The better option is to get to the drop off as soon as possible and once you are there, use your rocket launchers to destroy the pursuing choppers. Once you have done that, a cut-scene will start playing and you will continue to your next execution.

Humane Raid – Deliver EMP
Details: Get the EMP device into Humane Lab so it can be triggered during the raid. It will have been fitted into the stolen insurgent LAPV. Store the LAPV in the lab without drawing attention.

The part is heavily depended upon using stealth. For this part, you are required to take the Insurgent that you stole from Merryweather Base to the Humane Labs. Once you are there, it is extremely important to use stealth to take out the enemies in the area.

One thing to note here is that both enemies and scientists are extremely easy to alert in this mission and doing so fails the mission – this is where it gets really tricky. Strictly kill only those enemies which are marked on your mini-map using stealth.

Once you have killed all the marked enemies, head towards the console followed by hacking it. After hacking the console, leave the Insurgent there followed by taking the truck the small truck parked right next to the garage.

The truck has ample room for all of your crew – 2 should sit in front and 2 in the back. Once you are into the truck, leave the Humane Labs. You should face no resistance at all while leaving the area unless you provoke them.

Just keep your head low, do not engage and you should be fine.

The Humane Labs Raid – Finale
For the Heist Finale, your team is divided into a Pilot, a Gunner, and the rest of 2 guys as the Ground Team. Suit up and get the show started! For the finale, it’s extremely important that you pay attention to the details so as not to miss out on anything important.

Your first step is to get to the Valkyrie that you stole earlier. Once you have acquired the Valkyrie, head to the drop zone. The task of the aerial team is to stay above the lab and prevent the ground team from being swamped inside.

Once the ground team has reached its position, you will have to hold off the security. You will also come across a couple of choppers trying to flank you. The best way of getting rid of them is to use your Valkyrie’s mounted mini-gun.

You will have to protect your ground team so that both those guys can get out safely. Once you see the flares from the ground team, land the Valkyrie on a safe location for your ground team to hop in followed by heading to the meeting zone.

While on your way, you will be overwhelmed by Merryweather Aircrafts. The idea is to fly low so as to evade the shots from the enemy aircrafts. Once you are rid of the Merryweather Security, fly to the Meeting Point voila.

That is all for our GTA 5 Online The Humane Lab Raid Guide with tips on how to complete the heist for the highest earnings on GTA Online.

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