GTA 5 Knife Flights Locations Map and Video Guide

Flying is fun in GTA 5, and the developers are Rockstar know how much fun gamers have doing crazy stunts with planes. That’s why there are two aerial challenges in the game that contribute to 100% completion.

One of these is Knife Flights, a demanding yet exhilarating aerial challenge that requires you to turn your aircraft so that the things are perpendicular to the horizon, and go through narrow gaps between tall buildings while in such a state.

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GTA 5 Knife Flight Aerial Challenges

There are 15 Knife Flight challenges in the game, but unlike Under the Bridge, not all of them need to be completed. You can get 100% completion even by completing just 8 out of the 15 challenges.

It is recommended that you have a look at the Flight School challenge and get a hang of the rudder and yaw system of an aircraft before attempting Knife Flights.

You will want to perform these aerial maneuvers with a light stunt plane. Jets and other heavy aircraft are too fast, too heavy, and too slow to turn to make these maneuvers successfully.

GTA 5 Knife Flights Locations Video

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GTA 5 Knife Flight Locations

Fight #1
Location. You’ll be flying between the twin towers of the Beach Hotel in the southern parts of the Pacific Buffs. The gap is decent enough for some errors.

Flight #2
Location. The twin towers of the LomBank in Little Seoul provide and excellent challenge. Be careful with a north to south approach, as you could crash against another closely situated building immediately after the knife.

Flight #3
Location. This flight is between the Corporate Office Buildings in Del Perro. These buildings are different in structure, and this knife includes three buildings – one white (Buff Tower) and two black.

Flight #4
Location. This knife is located between Crastenburg Hotel and LomBank in Del Perro. Perform this while heading from north to south. You can even complete Flight 3 immediately after this one if you continue in your direction.

Flight #5
Location. This knife is between the ULSA Annex Parking Garage and an apartment building. These buildings are located in Rockford Hills. Be careful when coming from the south, as there is a tall building immediately after the knife.

Flight #6
Location. We’ll be going through two skyscrapers here. Fly between the Richards Majestic and adjacent skyscraper in Rockford Hills.

Flight #7
Location. Head to West Vinewood for a couple of knifes. The first one is between the Schlongberg Sachs Building and the tower adjacent to it to the south. Perform a west to east approach.

Flight #8
Location. The second one is between the Schlongberg Sachs Building and the tower adjacent to it to the north. Perform a west to east approach.

Flight #9
Location. This one is located in eastern Vinewood between the Whirligig Theater and Vinewood Videos. Try avoiding the Chinese theater by flying from north over it.

Flight #10
Location. Flight 10 is one block to the east of Flight 9, between the Galileo House and the Gardens Hotel. This is quite a difficult knife flight because of the extremely narrow gap, and the nearby located buildings. Perform a south to north approach for the best results.

Flight #11
Location. This flight is between the IAA Twin Towers in Pillbox Hill. You can also perform 12 and 13 here if you approach from the right angle. Perform this with a northeast to southwest direction.

Flight #12
Location. After the IAA towers in Flight 11, go past the Maze Bank and the Union Depository to find two multi-story parking garage buildings. Pass between these and continue heading in the same direction for Flight 13.

Flight #13
Location. This is again between a multi-story parking garage with a rooftop stunt jump. You can perform this knife successfully after passing through either sides of the multi-story parking garage rooftop.

Flight #14
Location. Knife Flights 14 and 15 are also located close-by and can be completed in one go. The first one is between the Go Postal and the adjacent multi-story parking garage in Pillbox Hill. Attempt an approach from the south.

Flight 15
Location. Continue past the multi-story parking garage after Flight 14 between the Slaughter, Slaughter and Schlongberg Sachs. Your approach should be from the south.

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