GTA 5 Jewelry Store Heist Walkthrough Guide – Smart and Loud Approach

Heists are part of the main storyline in GTA 5 and first heist you get to do involve robbing a jewelry store. It’s basically your ticket to get back into the game, and you need it to make some quick cash.

Each heist involves casing the area and securing all the tools of the trade that are needed to get the job done. Once you have secured all the tools and people needed for the job, you are ready to execute the plan.

If you are aiming for the gold, there are certain requirements that you need to fulfill.

GTA 5 Jewelry Store Heist

Casing the Jewel store
Casing the Jewel store in GTA 5 is a mission that you unlock after you’ve completed the mission “Friend Request” and is a part of the jewelry store heist.

Gold Requirements
As with other missions, if you want the gold medal for this mission there are some requirements which you will have to meet.

  • Complete within 8 minutes.
  • Capture all three security devices in one picture. To do this, move towards the front the door and pan your view so that you are able to get the keypad, the air vent and the security camera in one snap.

Note: If you take the photo correctly, Lester will say that he’s got all the info needed for the store.

After the mission cutscene, get in your car and drive to Vangelico’s and when you arrive simply walk out of your car and walk towards the jewelry store to trigger another cutscene.

Now, exit the store and get back to your car then drive towards the southeastern corner of the building which will be under construction. Go up the stairs, take the ladder to the roof and reach the highest vantage point.

From here you need to take a photo of the air conditioning unit and after this go back to your car and drive back to the garment factory to complete the mission.

Bugstars Equipment
Bugstars equipment is a fairly simple mission where you need to steal the bugstars van. This mission is also part of the jewelry store heist. Drive to the LS docks to begin this mission, you will see that the van is in a warehouse guarded by three bugstars employees.

You can choose to either go in guns blazing and killing everyone or sneak in from behind the back to steal the van.

Gold Requirements
To get the gold medal for this mission, you need to steal the van without being detected and to do this you’ll need to enter the warehouse from the back.

Drive around to the back of the warehouse and you’ll see a bugstar employee behind the van. Sneak up to him and smack him, get in the van and drive it away from the back of the warehouse.

When you’ve stolen the van, simply drive it to the waypoint at the garment factory and you’ll have completed the mission.

BZ gas grenades
In this mission you will need to steal gas grenades from a van which is located in the freeway. This is also part of the jewelry store heists. To retrieve those gas grenades you can simply steal the van away and head back to the garment factory.

Gold requirements
If you’re looking for gold, you need to drive up behind the van and shoot the back doors till they’re open.

After the doors are open, the gas grenades will fall out. Simply take these and get away from the cops and you can go back to the garment factory to complete the mission.

Carbine Rifles
“Carbine rifles” is a mission in which you’ll be playing as Michael. You unlock this mission after completing “Chop” and “Father Son”. This mission will begin on a freeway and you need to hijack an entire truck full of assault weapons which will be en-route to a police station.

If played out correctly, Michael can win an upfront shootout with the guards which are guarding the guns thanks to the time slow. Force their SUV out of the road, jump out of your car, use the time slow and rain hell on the guards.

When you’re done, take the vehicle and lose the cops then head back to the garment factory to complete the mission.

Gold requirements
Gold in this mission is achieved simply by losing your wanted level within 2 minutes.

The Jewel Store Job (Smart Approach)

Gold requirements

  • Steal the jewelry within 50 seconds.
  • Protect Franklin during the LS river chase.
  • Steal the jewelry from all 20 glass cabinets.

After you’re through the mission cutscene, drive towards the waypoint near the jewelry store. Once you’re here, Franklin will exit the car. He’s tasked with tossing the gas grenade into the ventilation system.

Get to the waypoint on the rooftop and then toss a gas grenade into the vent which is across Franklin’s direction. When you’ve tossed the grenade and the gas is inside the building. A cutscene will occur and the robbery will begin.

Note: If you are looking for gold, the requirements 1 and 3 need to be fulfilled here. There will be 20 cabinets and you’ll need to crack all of them very quickly. Use the GPS before exiting to check for green dots so that you’re sure you haven’t missed any cabinet before you leave.

Once all that is done, control is shifted back to Franklin who needs to get away from the police, follow the two gunmen and keep your speed in check.

Note: If the skill-set of your gunmen is low, one of them will crash before entering the tunnels which results in 30% reduced cash intake. This won’t occur if their skill-set is high.

Keep following the gunmen down into the tunnels. Swerve through them and you’ll emerge out in the LS River and control will be shifted to Michael.

Note: If you’re looking for gold, then requirement #2 will need to be completed here. To do this, simply ram the police cars out of the way to keep Franklin and the guys safe.

When everything is clear, let everyone enter the van and drive to the next way-point where you’ll find Lester waiting and then complete the mission.

The Jewel Store Job (Loud Approach)

Gold requirements

  • Steal jewelry within 50 seconds
  • Protect Franklin during LS River chase
  • Steal Jewelry from all 20 cabinets
  • Finish within 10:30

The Loud Approach of the jewelry store job can be broken down into three parts which are the drive-in, the smash & grab and the drive-out.

The drive-in is mostly as simple cruise through the town but when you enter the jewelry store, things begin to speed up and the efficiency of the robbery will depend on the crew you hired.

Once you’re in, you can easily smash and grab every jewelry cabinet within the time allowed.

Note: Gold requirements 1 and 3 will need to be fulfilled here if you’re looking for the gold.

After this you’ll switch to Franklin for the getaway. Follow your gunmen and drive lightly. A single fall will cause disaster so be sure you don’t over compensate on the bike.

You’ll eventually enter the tunnels as you follow your comrades, maneuvering is very difficult here so Franklin’s special ability is extremely helpful. Activate it at intersections for an easier time in turning.

After this, you will switch to Michael and you’ll need to run the police cruisers off the road and protect Franklin and the crew. Don’t bother with shooting and just ram into everybody you need to get rid of.

If the police ever happen to reach Franklin or any other member of your crew, the mission will fail so you will need to do everything you can to keep the police off so you can successfully end the mission.

Note: Gold requirement #2 will need to be completed here if you’re going for gold in this mission.

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