GTA 5 Crysis Nanosuit Mod Brings Crysis to Grand Theft Auto

Have you ever wondered that Crysis lacked content, it was not wide enough maybe a huge open world would have been a good addition to it, well you wonder no more because GTA 5 Crysis Nanosuit is a mod that brings the best of Crysis to GTA 5.

This mod is created by JulioNIB, this is a script mod, which means it adds new scripts to the game in order for its mechanics to work properly and will also utilize some elements from the game to increase immersion. He even released a video to show this suit in action.

Now you can rock the GTA 5 Crysis Nanosuit in Los Santos, this mod does all that you expect plus even more. The Nanosuit will give you more speed, strength and of course more armor. This will even retain the stealth mode feature from the original game.

This mode changes the GTA 5 HUD, it introduces a weapon customization component menu and adds the super speed, super jump, and super punch. Super is better right.

It is almost like someone mixed the two games together, think about all the mission we could do with this cool Nanosuit, all the enemies we can defeat. No one will stand in our way, no more playing as a weak man now we can be much more.

This mod makes us overpowered but not invincible, so that makes it even more believable. The jumps and speed are super but there is an energy bar that you need to keep track of, so you can not just use it whenever you want.

It is good to see community modding has gotten so far, now including all the best elements from other games and places them into San Andreas, creating amazing mods like GTA 5 Crysis Nanosuit.

That is why modding is an essential part of Grand Theft Auto franchise because it keeps their games fresh as new even as decades pass.

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