How To Get Level 2 Hammer In Grounded

One of the most important tools in Grounded is the hammer which is essential for survival. You craft your first hammer using small rocks and grass to hold it in place. Ideally, such a hammer would not last long so you need to upgrade it fast. That is why you need to get a level 2 hammer as fast as possible in Grounded before you progress into mid-gam areas.

However, acquiring the tier/level two hammer also known as the insect hammer takes a lot of effort and grinding for the required materials. Here is a guide on how to get the level two hammer as fast as possible:

How to get the level 2 hammer in Grounded

The level two hammer also known as an insect hammer is a tier two tool that is made of much more durable insect parts. It’s the direct upgrade of the pebblet hammer which is the first hammer you can acquire.

Before crafting the insect hammer though, you must first learn how to make one.

To learn the tier 2 insect hammer recipe in Grounded, analyze stink bug parts or alternatively boil the glands that come from the bombardiers. However, it is quite a challenge to face both these insects.

The following is the recipe for making an insect hammer once you have learned how to make it:

  • 1x Boiling Gland
  • 4x Berry Leather
  • 4x Stinkbug Gas Sacks

How to get boiling gland

You can acquire a boiling gland by slaying a Bombardier Beetle. These beetles are tough and large enemies, so it’s recommended to approach them once you’ve gotten a grasp of the combat mechanics.

The most efficient way to kill a Bombardier Beetle is by using ranged weapons. The Sprig Bow is a relatively early-game ranged weapon that would suffice, but make sure to carry a bunch of arrows and keep your distance.

Where to find Berry Leather

Berry Leather is super easy to obtain. All you have to do is pluck the berries from the berry tree located in the southeast portion of the map.

Some spiders and insects hang around this area though so don’t expect a combat less encounter. As long as you’re careful acquiring this resource will take no time.

How to get stinkbug gas sacks

Stinkbug Gas Sacks drop from dead stinkbugs. The strategy for fighting a stinkbug is the same as the Bombardier Beetle. Keep your distance and use a ranged weapon, carry multiple arrows as they’re quite tanky.

Once you have acquired all the necessary materials, simply head to the nearest workbench and craft your new and improved level 2 hammer.

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