Grounded Beginners Tips and Tricks

It’s not easy getting eaten up by a spider which you can usually squash down with your foot. Therefore, we have put together this Grounded Beginners Tips and Tricks guide to help you get started on this latest survival game with all the tips and strategies that you need.

Grounded Beginners Tips and Tricks

One of the very first decisions you’ll have to make while getting started is choosing the right difficulty. It’s better to start with Medium difficulty.

You can make it more difficult but it would only be more punishing, and it’s better if you save that for the times when you know your way around the game.

Once you are inside the game, turn off the motion blur, and keep render scale to 100%. You can even switch between third-person and first-person view by pressing U.

The first-person view gives you a more immersive experience and adds suspense to the game.

Pick up Everything
You will find plenty of pickable items at the beginning of the game, don’t hesitate and keep pressing E.

At this time, you don’t know what might end up being useful to you, so pick up everything that you find.

And the mushrooms, you don’t want to miss out on them. They are a very good food source until you learn to hunt and cook stuff.

Also, they are in abundance and you’ll find them everywhere.

Resource Analyzer
Resource analysis will get you blueprints. There are several Resource Analyzers spread across the map, showing up as Field Stations. The map is accessed by pressing M.

Whenever you pick up a new resource, head over to analyze it. You can analyze three resources at a time, but each time you do you will be surprised at all the new recipes that you unlock. Open up the craft tab afterward and get working.

Not Enough Blueprints?
The more you interact with objects, the more blueprints you’ll unlock. When you harvest something, the game will prompt you what further recipes you could craft with that object.

For example, when you come across a weed stem, you’ll be told that it could be used to craft a windowed wall, scaffold, and triangle scaffold.

Gnats are in for a Treat
Kill every Gnat that you ever come across. You’ll need Gnat Fuzz to craft Sprig Bow as well as their meat for Stuffed Gnat.

The only downside to killing a Gnat is the goo that spreads all over the floor when you split them in half. You can find all the gnats that you need at the location given below.

Pebblet Hammer
This is one of the most useful tools that you can craft. It could be used to break down nearly everything. Anything that could fall prey to Pebblet Hammer will have a hammer icon flashing over it.

It does the job quite slow and you’ll need several blows at times before the object falls to pieces, but it gets the job done.

Building the First Base
For this, you need to be well aware of your surroundings. Explore the map a little bit and jot down the areas where there are more beetles and spiders. You don’t want your base in these areas.

Otherwise, they’ll keep killing you as soon as you spawn and it could get quite frustrating. You’ll find more bugs and spiders up north so try not to build a base there unless you are fully prepared.

Quenching your Thirst
At the beginning of the game, you’ll find plenty of dewdrops coming down the grass and other plants. There will be other puddles of water as well.

Even though you can drink from them, the dirty water will consume some of your food. This won’t be an issue if you have plenty of mushrooms at hand.

They are one of the best sources of food in the game and you’ll find them up top near the oak tree. You’ll need a hammer to harvest them.

A Secret Hideout!
You’ll find this near the oak tree as well. look for a purple glow/flames on the north side of the tree. It is actually a science facility and you’ll find purple blobs floating in the air.

They’ll give you science resource if you jump through them. you’ll find them spread out through other locations as well. This station is also equipped with an analyzer.

Maintain a High Ground
There are several advantages of staying above ground. Most importantly, the insects in the game won’t be able to reach you. you can then use a bow or a spear to attack them.

The same thing happens if they get stuck in a crack. You can jump over it but they can’t. they’ll stay there and despise you. bombardier beetle can still get to you, as they can attack from a distance so stay clear of them.

The second advantage of high ground is that you can get a clear vision of where you’re at and what is surrounding you.

High tree branches and soda cans can serve as a great source for higher ground. And if you don’t find high ground, you can even build one. you can build and extend some of the already existing structures.

You can find plenty of building options in the building menu. Physics is nowhere near the game, and some structures don’t even require structural support. You can just keep building.

Early Game Gliders
If you want gliders earlier on in the game, dandelion tufts are a great source for that. Harvest them and drag them on to the glider slot in your inventory.

Their durability runs down pretty quickly, so you’ll need plenty of them.

Pit the Insects Against Each Other
You can use this to your advantage and if you feel like you are in trouble, you can divert their attention towards each other and let them take care of your problem.

This way you can farm large bug parts from bugs that are three times your size.

Combine Weapons and Abilities
You can use a hammer with a stun ability to attack insects and stun them. You can then change to a handier weapon and finish them off.

But not every insect could be stunned that easy and every weapon has a different amount of stun.

Spiders are not a Problem
As much as we all hate spiders, they won’t be much of your worries in the game. Gotta give it to them, they do look scary when you are downscaled but they are pretty lazy and could be easily outrun.

They are usually found around regions with high resources, and if you run into any one of them just keep running without looking back.

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