Greedfall Talents Guide – How to Unlock, Best Talents

Each character in Greedfall possesses a specific set of talents that define the characteristics of that specific character. These talents are defining properties when it comes to playstyles and are upgradeable. There are a total of 6 of these talents.

Greedfall Talents

Below is a list of all available talents in the game and the advantages they provide based on their upgrade level.


Vigor increases your agility, health points and ammunition in Greedfall.

  • Level 1: Base health of character increased.
  • Level 2: Along with health it increases mana and ammo. Help with balance.
  • Level 3: Level 3 vigor talent increase ammo, mana, health further plus help with climbing and increased chances of survival.


It helps you collect resources easily.

  • Level 1: It shows you where the resources are hidden and opens new dialogue lines.
  • Level 2: Further increases the map detection range.
  • Level 3: Collection of the maximum items and ingredients.


Craftsmanship talent allows you to craft armor and weapons.

  • Level 1: Create basic elements of weapons.
  • Level 2: Helps you process ingredients without using a proper workbench.
  • Level 3: Increased received components from recycling along with the ability to craft advanced weapons.


You can pick locks obviously and it helps you explore locked places spread throughout the world in Greedfall.

  • Level 1: Open simple locks.
  • Level 2: Locate enemy traps and can pick complex locks.
  • Level 3: Gives you invulnerability through any kind of trap.


This talent will help you reduce the price of goods and get away from unnecessary fights. It will also help you make new friends.

  • Level 1: Marginal effect on prices and in dialogues.
  • Level 2: It affects your dialogues and price cut very significantly.
  • Level 3: It will minimize the prices in store permanently and will push your opinion in a conversation as well as you can have a positive effect on the morale of your companions.


It helps you create potions and projectiles.

  • Level 1: You can create simple potions and destroy walls.
  • Level 2: You will lose fewer ingredients while creating new potions and you will unlock new recipes.
  • Level 3: Further reduced amount of ingredients and can make all the potions and projectiles.

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