Greedfall Puzzle Solutions Guide

There are many side quests as well as some puzzles that you will face as you progress through Greedfall. Following are the solutions to the major puzzles in Greedfall that you will encounter in your journey through the world. This list will be updated as we find more puzzles.

Greedfall Puzzle Solutions

So far, we’ve only managed to find two puzzles in Greedfall. One is the Stones Puzzle that appears during Demonical Cult mission and the other is Drums Puzzles that occurs during Face to Face with the Demons mission.

Stone Puzzle Order – Demonical Cult Quest

As you progress through Greedfall, you will come through a demonic cult. You will hear the rumor about a cult secretly living among the villagers on the island.

You will have to investigate the case and get to the roots of this cult problem and stop it from taking roots inside the village.

As you progress through the mystery, you will have to follow a villager to find out where he is going. By following him, you will get to an ancient tree close to the village.

This tree forces some images in your character’s mind and these images are the hints for the future for you to solve this mystery.

Now, these are the clues for you to light candles placed on the stones. You will see this circle of stones around you and to progress further in the mission you have to light these candles in the right order as hinted in those visions.

Now you can recall those visions by talking to your companions. And make sure to know exactly what each stone means. When you are sure, light the candles in the following order:

  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Death
  • Water
  • Life

Now when you successfully light up the candles in the right order to complete this Greedfall puzzle, a new door will open and you will be able to proceed to the next step of the quest.

Drums Puzzles – Face to Face with the Demon

As you venture deep into the dangerous swamp through your Greedfall quest, you will see a demon that you had witnessed in a vision.

As you arrive in this swamp for the first time, you will talk to hermit who will tell you about a group of people who were here before to explore the area.

Now what you need to do is explore the area that is highlighted very carefully. You need to find two things to progress further in the quest. You will need a scrap of a journal entry and a demonic potion.

You will need both of these things in order to complete this quest. After exploring the highlighted locations, you need to go back to the old man. He will answer some of your questions and then will tell you to go and play the drums.

Now first you need to find the drums in a central area. These drums are to be played in a specific sequence and only just once. If the sequence breaks you will find yourself in a fighting scenario with a mob before you can try again. Following is the sequence to play the drums:

  • Yellow Insect
  • Frog
  • Red Snake

This is how you can solve both the Stones and Drums puzzles in Greedfall. If you came across any other puzzles, be sure to let us know!

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