GreedFall Patch To Address Camera And Aggro Bugs

GreedFall is about to receive its first patch since the 17th-century-styled fantasy take from Spiders released over two weeks ago.

According to a posting on Steam earlier today, several major bugs are about to be squashed in the coming days. The developer didn’t share any detailed patch notes but did mention some of the issues that the upcoming patch will tackle.

Starting with the rather frustrating camera angles and aggro mechanics, both of which are tied to combat. Every skirmish in GreedFall has a dedicated area, meaning that enemies won’t follow you outside of the invisible circle. While dodging attacks or kiting backwards, it’s normal for you to lose your sense of direction. When you do step outside of the area, intentionally or not, the enemies inside lose aggro and reset their health bars.

The upcoming patch will improve several areas where losing aggro is a problem. In addition, the bad camera angles that you get while trying to stay within the designated area will also be rectified. The two changes should make combat less of a headache and not force you to remain in the center of the battlefield.

Another thing that the patch will address in GreedFall is the buggy achievement. “Curiosity Cabinet” tasks you to collect 200 ingredients. The only problem is that you have to collect them all within the same gaming session. If you exit the game, the counter automatically resets, making this achievement a real pain to unlock. It’s a small bug that completionists were hoping to be fixed soon. On the same note, Spiders mentioned certain quests being debugged as well.

Coming to character skills, “Ranged Shadow Impact” is currently bugged. The mage skill forces you to only use your right hand to fire Shadow Missiles at half the attack speed. Spiders has stated that the skill will be modified with the upcoming patch.

Finally, the developer mentioned adding an invert X-Axis option and fixing various localisation issues for French, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese and English. There could possibly be more fixes added to the patch. Spiders should be posting the changelog by the weekend, which should give the complete picture.

GreedFall is a product of love and it shows. While every other developer places multiplayer above all else, Spiders went with a commendable narrative. The developer believes that single-player games are not dead and it will continue on with single-player-focused releases in the future.

In our review, we recognized GreedFall for invoking classic role-playing elements and emphasizing on choices and exploration.

GreedFall is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Sadly enough, there are no post-release content plans in the pipelines.

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