Greedfall Memory Crystals Locations Guide

Memory Crystals are Greedfall’s way of allowing players to reset their skill points should they wish to alter their build and playstyle after having invested points somewhere else. These crystals aren’t easy to come by that’s why we have prepared this Greedfall Memory Crystals Locations Guide to help you find them.

Greedfall Memory Crystals Locations

Players can stick with a single class throughout the battle or can experiment with different classes to improve their combat style. And to do all this you will need a Memory Crystal. These crystals aren’t easy to come by and only 5 are available in the game so be careful how and when you use them.

How to Use the Memory Crystals

You will not need to restart the game from the start to respec your character or changing the class. You just have to pick the Memory Crystal and you can use it whenever you want.

Once you use that crystal all the talents and skills of your character will reset and you can choose the new skills and talents for your character

Like mentioned above, Memory Crystals are the only way to respec in the game so whenever you find them, make sure you hold on to these Memory Crystals until you absolutely need to reset your skills and talents.

Typically, Memory Crystals are given as item drops from defeating the main story bosses or optional quest bosses. However, not every Greedfall boss gives these drops so there are only a few chances of getting these crystals.

Memory Crystal #1

The first Memory Crystal is going to be given to you automatically on reaching level 4 once you defeat the boss at the docks in Serene before getting on the boat for New Serene.

Now you can re-allocate the skills that you chose in the beginning by going to your character page and using the Memory Crystal.

Memory Crystal #2

During the Forever a Naut side quest, players will encounter the optional boss Nadaig Glendemen while searching for the wrecked Naut ship in Wenshaganaw – The Singing Waters. Defeating this boss will get you another Memory Crystal.

Memory Crystal #3

Once you complete the Face to Face with the Demon main story quest and defeat the boss, you have to solve some puzzles and as a reward, you are given the 3rd Memory Crystal.

Memory Crystal #4

When you reach Vedvilvie, you are going to meet a boss here and on defeating this boss, you will be rewarded with a Memory Crystal.

Memory Crystal #5

During the In Pursuit of the Tierna Hath Cadachtas main quest, you will encounter the Nadaig Frasamen Boss. You have to defeat that boss for getting the fifth and the final Memory Crystal.