Single Player Games Aren’t Dead, GreedFall Developer

Are single-player games dead? Well, we asked GreedFall developer Spiders about it. Spiders created an amazing sleeper hit story-based RPG that fills the void BioWare left with its mediocre games in recent times. Since BioWare is moving to service-based games, is Spiders the new BioWare? Only time will tell but the studio is 100% committed to single-player experiences like GreedFall.

Spiders is a strong believer that single-player games aren’t dead. The developer spoke with Segmentext and explained the difference between the player type that’s interested in multiplayer and single-player games.

We have always developed single-player games. In fact, I don’t think “single player is dead” or “multiplayer is the future” – I think it’s not exactly the same kind of players who are interested in single or multiplayer experiences. In a multiplayer game, you are most of the time a social or a competitive player, and you pay attention to what the other players do.

You play as a team mate, so your strategy in the game is to build the game experience for, with (or against) the team you are playing with. In a single-player experience, you play when you want and you have less constrains in your game experience too.

The immersive experience in the game story can be deeper, in my opinion, on a single-player game than in a multi-player game. Out of that, on a technical and economical point of view, single- or multiplayer- games are not developed the same way at all, and as you probably know we are developing on our own engine, the Silk engine

Single-player games are certainly not dead and this GreedFall’s success is proof of it.

Moreover, to show further commitment to complete single-player experiences, Spiders won’t release any DLC for GreedFall. When asked about DLC, Spiders gave a clear cut answer; “We don’t plan to release any DLC for GreedFall.”

Everything the developer created over the years is added to the final build of the game so there is nothing held back.  The single-player experience offered here is a complete package on its own.

Still, it wouldn’t be right to completely rule out GreedFall DLC. Popular demand often ends up changing dev opinions.

You can pick up GreedFall now and keep your fingers crossed for future DLCs.

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