Greedfall Character Creation Guide – Starter Classes, Talents and Attributes

Like most RPGs, Greedfall allows its players to have a very personalized experience and this whole effort really shines in the character creation tool. Greedfall takes the character customization to a very deep level and allows you to set attributes, skills, and talents to your likings.

Greedfall Character Creation and Customization

As soon as you start playing Greedfall, you will be met with a cutscene during which an artist is drawing your character’s portrait. This serves as the game’s character creator. First, let’s talk about the game’s character customization options.

Character Customization

First thing that will come up after you have selected your difficulty and everything is going to be appearance. This is just some presets of faces and hairstyles that you can choose from and also some beard styles. You can change the skin color of your character.

The character customization options presented to you in Greedfall include:

  1. Gender
  2. Face
  3. Hair
  4. Facial Hair
  5. Eyebrows
  6. Skin Color
  7. Hair Color
  8. Eye Color

Starting Classes

Now in classes, you go a little deep into the character creation and there are different Greedfall classes attached to some specific skills that you can choose from:

Warrior Class

  • This is mostly about melee combat professional.
  • This warrior starts with one-handed heavy weapons and one-handed blades along with firearm skills.
  • Its special attributes are Strength and Endurance.
  • Its special talents are Science and Intuition.

Technical Class

  • He is a mastermind of strategy and controlling the battlefield.
  • It starts with elemental traps and firearms. It knows much about science and tools and stuff.
  • Its special attributes are Accuracy and Agility.
  • Its special talents are Science and Lockpicking.

Magic Class

  • This profile is mostly focused on special magical spells and techniques.
  • It uses magical potions and rings and attacks to stop enemies at a distance. It starts with a divine magic ring, stasis, and one-handed heavy weapons.
  • Its special attributes are Mental power and Willpower.
  • Its special talents are Science and Intuition.


Talents are some special in-born skills that your character has, it is like a natural talent that a character can perform. There are a total of six talents in Greedfall and they have their own perks:


  • It helps in reducing merchant prices and improves companion compatibility.
  • When you have dialogue choices, it increases your chances of success.


  • It can craft potion.
  • It can also use these explosive potion vials to destroy weak walls.


  • It can help you pass through some difficult passageway with balance and ease.
  • When outside the combat, it slightly recovers the HP.


  • As obvious from the name, it picks locks.
  • It can easily and quickly see enemy troops.


  • It can easily see gathering sites.
  • When looting, get an increased number of ingredients and objects.


Attributes in Greedfall are an important part of your character and help it grow and wield the best armor and best weapon and face the most difficult parts of the game.


  • It simply increases the power of all melee attacks.
  • If you want to wield the best one and two-handed weapons, this attribute is required.


  • It will increase the max. life and balance.
  • If you want to wear heavier and better armors, this attribute is required.


  • It will increase the damage inflicted in all the melee attacks.
  • It is also required and used to wield the best one and two-handed weapons.


  • It also increases the power of all the firearms and also fasten the potion preparation.
  • It is also required and can be used to wield the best firearms.

Mental Power

  • It will increase the power of all spells.
  • It is also required to wield the best rings.


  • It will increase the magic time and spell time.
  • It is required to wield the best necklaces and amulets.

This is everything we’ve on how character creation and customization works in Greedfall. If you’ve anything else that you’d like to add, be sure to let us know!

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