Graveyard Keeper Beginners Guide – The Church, Dungeons, Research, Crafting

Out of all the things they could build a game after, they decided one for graveyard keeping. Nonetheless, there is a lot of challenges that you will be facing and a lot of concepts that would be hard to grasp. For that purpose, this Graveyard Keeper Beginners Guide will help you the fundamentals and core mechanics at play.

Graveyard Keeper Beginners Guide

First of all, the tutorial helps you a bit in the sense that it lays the groundwork for what is to come after. Right off the bat, you are encouraged to build your crafting station and get your repair kits and other tools upgraded for more effectiveness.

For building purposes, you require iron ores which you can gather from the smith or the plentiful iron deposits to the north.

Regarding other resources, sand is a useful one which helps you craft glass bottles which you can later use for embalming. In this process, you will be using Gold, Silver, and Glue Injections to apply the embalming liquid to the corpses.

You can find sand almost anywhere just like stone rocks. Marbles are also quite useful later on, and they can be found at the Witches Hill. Once you have set up furnaces, you can use coal there to grind firewood which again is useful for household needs.

Remember we talked about embalming earlier and how you will be injecting corpses with different types of injection to sustain their remains? You will be needing some materials like the Gold and Silver Dust.

This is easier to obtain if you craft a bench that allows you to perform alchemy. Apart from the materials that go into making the embalming liquid, you can also craft water, oil, and blood resources using the technique of alchemy.

The Church and The Graveyard

The more decorated and alive the church is, the more points you get for holding sermons in it every Sunday. When it comes to decorative items, always use the candelabras for more points.

Silk Cloths and similar items can be gathered from the merchant. Use the Combo Prayer and Prayer for Imagination features within the Church to get the best results.

Donations that you receive are not entirely dependent on just your sermon and the church itself, your graveyard also plays a role. The better you have kept the corpses in the graves, the better your rating for the graveyard and thus more earnings in donations.

For starting out, make sure you have removed any blood or fat from the corpses in the morgue while carrying out the autopsy.

Your main goal would be to remove body parts in the morgue such that you get rid of all the red and green skulls that are associated with the body, and get as many white skulls as possible.

Although flesh, blood, fat, skin, and skull have fixed number of red/white skulls that they can add or remove; the heart, intestines, and brain will vary according to the corpse and the rating will be random.

In an unfortunate turn of events when you are not able to eliminate the red skulls of a corpse, dispose of them by burning (using tree stumps south of morgue) and not by throwing them into a river.

This way you will be able to extract their skull, skin and other body parts that you can later use as required in quests.

Green skulls are applied to a corpse when their decay rate falls below 90%. The more time they are kept outside the morgue or not on the morgue’s slab, they will start to decay more quickly.

This is why you should have as many corpses transported by donkeys as possible and quickly to have them embalmed and buried. Carrots boxes will increase the corpse-carrying capacity of the donkeys.


Clearing these out and exploring them in their entirety will get you some useful stuff e.g. breaking the jars usually grant you with seeds that you can use for farming.

You can farm carrots which as described above are used by donkeys and you can have grapes grow as well which can be turned to wine and used as health and energy potions.

Some monsters in the dungeons will drop materials like the grey goo which can be used to make Death Solution which is vital when burying the corpses.


Upgrading of the church is carried out when you have the building allowance as well as the citizenship certificate. As your church becomes more popular, you will be able to gather more faith from the people which will open up research options.

Once you are able to research, all you need is some paper which can be gathered from skin or batwings. You can now carry your research to get blue, green and red skill points/orbs.

These will help you better upgrade your church and open options like new prayers in the basement for more donations and faith outcomes.

This is all we have in our Graveyard Keeper Beginners Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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