Grand Theft Auto 6 Location May Be Rio De Janiero, Says Leaker

A recent new leak in the ongoing saga of attempting to find out something, anything, about Grand Theft Auto 6 has come out. In the leak, it’s claimed that the Grand Theft Auto 6 location setting for the game is Rio de Janiero, or at least is going to be based on it.

Grand Theft Auto, while taking place in a world similar to ours, has never taken place in an actual real-life city. Instead, it’s settled for various pastiches of other real-world cities, such as Liberty City being New York City, San Andreas being Los Angeles and San Francisco, and more.

The leak in question comes from someone who claimed that along with a map that looks similar to Vice City, a second map was revealed more recently that looks similar to Rio de Janiero, a city in Brazil. While not confirmed, however, such a setting isn’t out of the question, either.

While the Grand Theft Auto 6 location isn’t necessarily confirmed to be anything South America-related yet, there has been at least one confirmed casting choice for a character called “The Mexican.” A recent heist in Grand Theft Auto online also took players to a South American island for their mission.

It’s not entirely implausible that Grand Theft Auto might finally move out of the game’s version of America and to another country, especially since such a thing has apparently been discussed at Rockstar before. However, the map that the leaker posted is not official, and leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt.

We may still be a very long way off from any reveal about the Grand Theft Auto 6 location, especially since Rockstar seems more concerned currently with endlessly recycling Grand Theft Auto 5 from one console generation to another. While they could prove us wrong at some point in the future, up until anything is confirmed by Rockstar themselves, it’s best not to get too excited.

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