Big Grand Theft Auto 6 Announcement May Be Coming For Real This Time

A big Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement may be coming on May 10, for real this time, though nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

Several weeks ago, a large amount of hype was driven up when various hints towards a possible Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement began to come out. However, nothing came of that. The hype train is back up and running now though after several more hints of an announcement have been dropped.

The first of these hints is that the Grand Theft Auto 6 website, which despite having its servers moved from Germany to America hasn’t been officially unveiled yet, has been updated as of April 10. Secondly, Rockstar executives dropped in an interview that something big may happen on May 10.

Of course, nothing is confirmed yet and there’s no telling if this is even related to Grand Theft Auto. However, considering it’s now been 7 years since Grand Theft Auto 5 released, the time is certainly ripe for Rockstar to announce a new game to possibly put on the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

While throughout the past few years we’ve gotten a ton of alleged leaks and insider scoops at the development of Grand Theft Auto 6, we know next to nothing about the game other than that one character is going to be called “The Mexican.”

A Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement that puts the game on the Xbox Series X or the Playstation 5 could give Rockstar a huge boost considering launch titles are often some of the most popular. With how popular Grand Theft Auto 5 got, Grand Theft Auto 6 is sure to pull in a massive crowd.

Hopefully, at the same time, Rockstar will actually put more time into the multiplayer so that we don’t have a huge mess like when Grand Theft Auto 5’s online component actually came out. Hopefully the story will also get some DLC instead of it all being geared towards multiplayer.

Either way, if the May 10 thing is actually a Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement, hopefully it’s a big one. Just remember to take it with a grain of salt.

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