Total War Warhammer 3: Harmony Was Focus When Devs Made Grand Cathay

Total War Warhammer III is getting ever-closer to its February 17 release date, but Creative Assembly still has a lot of content to show us before then. The most significant for now is probably the faction called Grand Cathay, a Chinese-style faction that is particularly unique, as until it featured in the game, it essentially didn’t exist.

Grand Cathay is often alluded to in the background lore of the Warhammer Fantasy franchise, a far distant and powerful land of dragons, terracotta soldiers, and more, which holds back the howling hordes of Chaos with the help of the Great Bastion. Its appearance in Total War Warhammer III will be its first actual, physical appearance, and along with being in a game it will also be added to the tabletop.

Creative Assembly, therefore, had a lot of work on its plate when creating the faction, but they’ve done a great job working in cooperation with Games Workshop. Grand Cathay is a faction based entirely around harmony between Yin and Yang, which gives bonuses to a player’s armies the more in-balance they are. Harmony is gained not just by unit presence, but also is gained by the buildings you construct in Cathay’s cities.

While many might want to stuff their armies full of Cathay’s intriguing units, ranging from its massive Terracotta Sentinels, to its flights of Jade Lancers mounted on Longma, to its many different gunpowder and artillery units, if they truly want Cathay to succeed, they must balance their armies with a mixture of melee and ranged units, to say nothing of Cathay’s aptitude for magic.

And all of this isn’t even getting into the overall Legendary Lords of Grand Cathay, the two dragon-blooded siblings of Miao Ying and Zhao Ming, who rule the Northern and Eastern provinces of the empire and each come with their own challenges to face and enemies to fight.

Miao Ying and Zhao Ming also play into the Harmony focus of the faction, as their presence on the battlefield grants big Harmony bonuses. They’re not limited in that way, however; being the children of the Dragon Emperor allows them to change to massive dragons on the battlefield at will, which can be good for tipping the balance of power in your favor or facing down a tough enemy.

You’ll be able to take command of Grand Cathay’s endless armies when Total War Warhammer III releases exclusively on PC on February 17 of next year.