Gran Turismo 7 Players Are Scripting To Earn “15 Million Credits Per Day”

Gran Turismo 7 has made it incredibly difficult to purchase new cars, some of which require players to complete over a dozen races (or more) to earn enough credits. The game may as well be pushing microtransactions but even those are far more expensive when the same cars are compared with Gran Turismo Sport.

According to a report (via VGC) earlier today, some players have begun using a script to grind as much as “15 million credits per day” (worth $120 in microtransactions) in Gran Turismo 7 without having to actually play the game.

The script is currently only workable on PC and uses the PlayStation Remote Play app to run the same track over and over again to amass credits.

Sony Interactive Entertainment should be stepping in to block the script from exploiting its game and potentially ban all players involved. Until that happens, players are relying on the script to help them purchase cars that would otherwise require them hundreds of hours of actual gameplay. Not to mention that some players are even offering to improve the same script for better payouts.

Gran Turismo 7 received a controversial patch 1.07 last week that significantly reduced the amount of credits players were earning from specific races. These races were previously found to be the most efficient tracks to earn the most credits in a single sitting. Their nerfs were apparently the last straw that convinced the racing community to try other approaches.

Gran Turismo 7 continues to be criticized for its monetization model which players are labeling to be predatory in nature. In addition to reduced payouts and steep microtransactions, players are also unable to sell their cars despite pre-release marketing claims by developer Polyphony Digital.

Since its release nearly three weeks ago, the game has plummeted to being one of the lowest user-rated PlayStation 5 games on Metacritic.

Gran Turismo 7 is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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