Gran Turismo 7 Legend Cars Are Becoming More Expensive, Again

Gran Turismo 7 has apparently increased the prices of several of its Legend cars, making them even more expensive.

Gran Turismo 7 has apparently increased the prices of several of its Legend cars, making them even more expensive.

It turns out that patch 1.15 from last week raised the prices of at least 27 cars, some of which are scheduled to receive the price hike in the coming days. Furthermore, data mining patch 1.15 (via GTPlanet) revealed that only two cars will become cheaper with 21 cars sticking to their current price tags.

The sudden price variation is being done in light of a partnership between automotive insurance brand Hagerty and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment. Gran Turismo 7 was announced with a rather unique feature.

The in-game prices of Legend cars will fluctuate based on the prices of their real-world counterparts. Hence, if a specific car gets expensive in the real world, that same car will cost more in the game and vice versa.

The only problem is that Gran Turismo 7 was already criticized for having pretty steep price tags for its cars. It was frustrating to grind credits for weeks to only be able to unlock a couple of new cars.

Case in point, the Ferrari F40 now costs double. The car was previously priced at 1.34 million credits. It now costs 2.6 million credits.

You can well imagine the disappointment of a player who has to suddenly farm more credits just because real-world inflation has forced developer Polyphony Digital to raise prices in the game as well.

Taking a break from farming credits has just become a weakness for players looking to fill their garage with all Legend cars.

Polyphony Digital previously addressed the criticism over expensive pricing by increasing the number of credits players can earn per race. With the new patch increasing the prices of more than two dozen cars, racing fans believe that the developer is quietly reverting back the game to its pricey format.

Gran Turismo 7 is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The game will see another Hagerty price fluctuation in August.

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