Gran Turismo 5 Tuning Guide – Improve Your Car’s Performance

In driving simulators like Gran Turismo 5, your car’s efficiency counts a lot. You can usually have an upper hand over your opponent by small tweaks and modifications in your car.

There are many tuning options in the game which you can adjust to get maximum out of your car. But before you change or purchase any upgrade, you should know the basic functionality of each upgrade. So here we are with a precise guide, which will help you tune your car for better performance.

Gran Turismo 5 Car Tuning Guide

Body (Chassis)
If you check the “Body/Chassis” menu, you will come across Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 options, with Chassis Reinforcement, Window Weight Reduction, and Carbon Hood.

Lighter the body of the car, the more acceleration and speed it will have. You can remove the additional parts to lighten your car or you can upgrade your car with lighter metals for speed and handling.

Chassis Reinforcement will increase the handling of the car during corners; it reduces the one side shift the car does while fast corners. By reinforcing the body, the car becomes rigid, increases grip and adds more stability to the car.

You can tweak the aerodynamics of the car for grip as the downforce ‘they exert – Wings’ would keep your car to the ground. So adding a wing to your car will give you more downforce which in turn will stabilize your ride through corners.There are couple of ways you can adjust the downforce.

If you setup front downforce low and rear downforce high, it will make your car oversteer thus helping you corner easier. But, one of the downside to this, the car can easily spin out.

If you setup both front and rear downforce in middle, your car will be balanced with better speed and good cornering.

If you setup front downforce high and rear downforce low, it will make your car downsteer. Good for powerful cars that tend to fishtail.

Engine’s power is the primary criteria for your car’s acceleration and speed. So you need to upgrade your car’s engine to pass quickly through the corners or for maximum speed at straights.

It is important that you select your upgrade wisely as most of them are expensive. Upgrade the car you drive in most of the tracks while for other cars you can go for cheaper upgrades.

You should regularly tune your car and change the engine oil to make sure that all the parts are in optimum condition. It is recommended that you buy the ECU before anything else as it has an enormous benefit for a cheap cost.

Intake System
Flow of the air into the engine for proper ignition can be an important factor. These upgrades should follow the engine upgrades. They may not provide you with a significant boost but considering that they are much cheaper than the other upgrades, you should upgrade them asap. Better filters will increase the overall efficiency of your engine.

Improved exhausts can increase the BHP of your car. It not only changes the sound of your car but also facilitate the smoke ejection properly so that you get an overall boost specially at straights when your car is at maximum speed.

Turbo Kits
Turbo kits can help you increase your engine’s HP and torque. Now these upgrades aren’t cheap so choose the one carefully and make sure that you are applying it to your favorite car. Also you can’t apply every turbo charger to each car.

Your car should have the capacity to take that upgrade otherwise you are wasting your points. Low RPM range kit is good for tracks with more turns and corners while High RPM range upgrade is useful on the tracks that have long straights with few turns.

You can make your engine as much powerful as you like but if it doesn’t have the transmission to send that power to the wheels, it basically is a waste of credits.

It is important that your wheels get the power from your engine efficiently for better results. You can alter your gears manually (if you buy customizable setup) for more acceleration or alternately for more speed.

There are other upgrades that can adjust your gears in such way that either there will an increment in speed or acceleration. Choose the setup depending upon the nature of the track i.e a track with more turns will require better acceleration while for the tracks that are fairly straight, you should go with the maximum speed arrangement.

Drivetrain is almost as important as transmission of your car when it comes to acceleration and speed. You can change your clutch and flywheels to increase the acceleration and the speed of the car. You can also add a Limited slip Differential and a Torque Sensing Center Differential. “Torque Sensing Center Differential” is a handy upgrade you can use with 4WD cars.

Suspension plays a big role when it comes to handling and grip of your car. Car height, anti-roll bars and the Cambers are the changes you can make to adjust your car grip.

Cars with lesser height configuration have more downforce and hence you have more grip through the corners. But you should keep in mind that if you decrease your car’s height too much, you will suffer while climbing the elevated portions of the track.

Cambers can help reducing the oversteering effect through the corners. You can change anti-roll bars depending upon the fact that you either want to make your car oversteer or understeer at corners. You can also adjust the Toe angle of your car. Choose Toe-out for oversteering while Toe-in for understeering at the corners.

Tires affect the grip of you car. They are important specially in long races where tires loose their grip as they get old. You can choose from Soft, Medium and Hard tires.

Go for the Sports tires in circuit racing while Racing tires for overall racing. Hard tires are recommended in long races. Soft tires make your ride swift specially at corners. Tire upgrades are expensive but they are extremely worthy of the credits you spend on them.

Brakes are important part of racing car as is acceleration. Having good stopping power can make the racing easier for you. There are no purchasable kits for brakes but you can change your brake controls to adjust the brake sensitivity of your front and rear wheels. These adjustments can change the oversteer or understeer effect at corners.

Final Thoughts
Each upgrade has its importance but you should think before you purchase as credits are usually the limiting factor. Don’t waste your precious credits on slow cars. Be patient till you unlock powerful cars and then spend on them. Power upgrades comes first and later you can shift to the Transmission, Drivetrain, Suspension and Tire upgrades.

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