How To Solve University Puzzle In Gotham Knights

Batman games have always been about using your detective side to solve intricate puzzles and uncover mysteries. Gotham Knights is no different in that regard. The very first puzzle players have to tackle in Gotham Knights takes place at Gotham University and basically serves as a tutorial.

If you are unsure of how to complete the university puzzle in Gotham Knights, allow us to lend a hand and complete this section for you.

Gotham Knights University puzzle solution

You first need to travel to Langstrom’s Office at Gotham University to solve the puzzle. Your task here is to look for clues after a murder in a crime and that murder happens to be in Gotham University.

Activate the AR mode and look for a footstep trail. The footstep trail will lead you outside the office and into another room with a wooden door. On the other side of this room, you will find stairs down.

Enter the Workshop downstairs and find your way to Langstrom’s Laboratory through a series of doors.  At the corner of the laboratory, you will find a blood trail, and approaching this will start the investigation.

Once again, open the AR mode and scan for clues in Langstrom’s Office. Start by analyzing the hidden mechanism near the closet. Your investigation will indicate you toward the lab workstation.

There is a lab table which is the lab workstation, and you need to unlock the door by solving the two questions.

  • Name of device that will unlock the Hidden Door
  • Langstrom’s Secret Password

After scanning the room for clues, you will find a phone number (127) on the sticky note. This is the answer to the first clue of Langstrom’s Secret Password.

There are many devices in the room that can unlock the secret door such as Thermostat, Microwave, and Langstorm Tablet. The name of the device that will unlock is the Microwave. Go to the microwave and select it by pressing the prompt.

Once you have selected the microwave, go to the table and stick the sticky note with the phone number on the table.

Press the interact button after doing the last task and you will unlock the Hidden Door. Opening the hidden door will complete the Gotham university puzzle and allow you to proceed ahead.

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