Gotham Knights Says No To Microtransactions, Still Supports 2-Player Co-Op

Gotham Knights has no plans to include either microtransactions or any form of in-game purchases at release. There will also be no requirement to be connected to the internet to play the single-player campaign. You will, however, need to be online for friends and family to join for cooperative play.

The confirmation about zero microtransactions comes from an updated FAQ but it would be wise to note that publisher Warner Bros. Interactive can always roll out premium cosmetics post-release.

Square Enix, for example, made the same promise for Marvel’s Avengers but went back on its word by supporting microtransactions, some of which were of the pay-to-win nature and were ultimately removed after fan-led backlash.

Gotham Knights features four playable members of the Batman Family: Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and the Red Hood. You will be able to customize their looks by unlocking new gear, weapons, and outfits through progression. There is hence an opportunity for developer Warner Bros. Games Montreal to create new items behind paywalls.

The updated FAQ also notes that Gotham Knights will only support up to two players in its online cooperative mode. An updated PlayStation Store listing from a couple of days back mentioned the cooperative mode to be supporting up to four players instead. Warner Bros. Interactive remains to officially confirm that.

Warner Bros. Interactive has, however, confirmed that Gotham Knights will no longer release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The previous-generation versions have been scrapped to make the game current-generation only to ensure “the best possible gameplay experience”.

Gotham Knights will release for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on October 25, 2022, after being pushed out of its original 2021 window. The upcoming action role-playing game will see the Batman Family take on the Court of Owls to protect Gotham City in the place of Batman who died in an explosion.

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