How To Mark Enemies In Gotham Knights

Various gadgets such as Batarangs and Gliders provide a boost to your abilities and enable you to effectively take out enemies while patrolling the city in Gotham Knights.

Similarly, the AR feature of the game lets you mark enemies during missions with which you can keep track of them even when they are out of sight or behind walls and buildings.

This means that you can easily remain hidden in shadows and monitor their movements and actions simultaneously thus leading to an effective plan to complete the objectives.

The following guide provides further details on how to mark enemies in Gotham knights.

Tracking enemies by marking them in stealth

Marking enemies is pretty easy. Console players need to hold Down on their D-pads and PC players need to hold the X key to enter the AR camera mode.

Now simply hover over the enemies for a few seconds until they are marked and a white V icon appears on top of their heads. This icon might blend in with the badges on their heads but worry not as you will be able to know once they are marked by being able to see them through obstacles etc.

Marking multiple enemies simultaneously is also possible. Once they are marked, a red outline will appear that you will be able to see even after they are out of your sight or behind walls, etc. This is helpful in stealth, or keeping track of enemies during cases and patrolling.

Apart from enemies, several other objects like cameras and citizens attacked by bombs, etc. can be marked too to keep track of anything dangerous and plan out your strategies accordingly.

As you progress through the game, you will find marking enemies as part of your objectives during cases, etc. These objectives are relatively easier to complete. All you have to do is simply mark any enemy you find and reach the desired number to complete it.  

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