Gotham Knights Labyrinth Puzzle Solution: How To Escape

In Gotham Knights, as you progress the storyline, in case 5.2 you’ll end up with an objective to Escape the Labyrinth. In this guide, we will explain how you can get past the spinning metal blades inside the labyrinth in Gotham Knights.

How to escape the Labyrinth in Gotham Knights

As the name suggests, the labyrinth isn’t a linear path and plays tricks on the players while also tormenting them with voices from their past.

There are however a few constants in the labyrinth and the way to clear those obstacles remains the same, whatever order they appear in.

Below we will mention all the obstacles players can expect when trying to escape the Labyrinth and how to tackle each one.

Wall spikes

First things first, at random intervals in the labyrinth you will notice spikes on the side walls. Either run towards them and slide at the last moment (if you are confident in your reaction time) or simply crouch walk beneath them.

The spikes will instantly kill you but they are easy to spot.

Spinning blades

Eventually, players will enter a section of the labyrinth with 5 spinning blades and 2 paths behind the blades. Whether this section appears first or after the flame trap is random.

The ideal path to take to cross the spinning blades is the right side. Just carefully notice the timings of the blades and move as soon as the first blade on the right crosses you.

If you are good with the slide, you can do that and quickly reach the wall between the two paths. The image below shows the ideal location of the blades before you start sprinting for the slide.

You need to stop at the wall for a bit until the 2nd blade on the right passes by before entering the path.

You can also take it slow and walk in the space between the blades as they pass to reach the middle wall.

Flamethrower ceiling

The flamethrower trap is a large hall with multiple pillars in it and flames that come at different intervals from the ceiling. This section is pretty easy to solve as there is a path between the pillars where the flame jets are disabled and you can simply walk underneath them to reach the other side.

Having completed all the above traps, eventually, you will exit the labyrinth and come up on the owl head puzzle.

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